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Dec 2017
Flowers are a beautiful thing
they teach us so
to express and to explain
what the depths of heart cannot

We ride the day in fear
of what they will say
instead of how they will feel.
A flower is all I need to say.

Given to show who we loved,
It only takes one to announce our one true love,
The total beauty of a flower even represents the beginning.

A flower for a memory
A flower with a kiss
A flower for a new adventure!

To remember the good,
to honor the dead
To cherish what is now lost

To woo the angel before me
To express how I feel for you
To show what you mean

The world will know
All will bow
At the birth of a new babe

Flowers are more than what you see,
They don't just smell nice
And look beautiful
But they represent life and the real you
Written by
Allison Brown  15/M/GA, USA
(15/M/GA, USA)   
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