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Sep 2 · 21
Mawunya Sep 2
I had always been a happy little girl
Until reality had to hit me in the face
Until I had to leave my teens
Until I had to start reasoning as an adult
Until I had to face everything on my own
Until I had to start to feel
Until I had to wipe my own tears

I’m drowning,
Drowning in fears
Drowning in pain
Drowning in loneliness
Drowning in a world I understand no more.
Jul 21 · 87
Mawunya Jul 21
If it was an Obituary
Everyone else knew me
Jul 18 · 254
Mawunya Jul 18
No one is perfect
With you, I found the perfect man.
Jul 15 · 151
Take A Walk With Me
Mawunya Jul 15
Take a walk with me
Down the streets of my heart
Deep down to the end of the route
Take a look at the beautiful lawns at the roadside
That's my love for you

Take a walk with me
Far away into my mind
Read my thoughts and record the depth of my love for you

Take a walk with me
Deep down my emotions
Feel what I feel for you
Take a walk with me

— The End —