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In India pongal is the best festival
It is not a mere ritual
We celebrate it in January
It is very very customary
It lasts for three days
Bhogi,sankranti and kanuma are the days.
On the first day we have a holy bath
Thinking that it sets us on the right path
Early in the morning we sit around the bhogi fire
Thinking it is the demon Ravana’s pyre
We put on a new and attractive attire
Dreaming life is a joyful boat shire
Children make wreaths of cowdung
Throw them into the fire like a gold ring
The villages are full of colourful bullocks
We sing folk songs taking neem sticks
The bride groom leaves for the mother-in-law’s house
The bride waits for him wearing a new saree and a blouse
Father-in-law gives the groom a costly gift
Mother-in-law makes a sumptuous feast
Younger sister-in-law teases the groom
The bride and the groom confine to the room
Mother prepares delicious dishes and pickles
Father goes to the farm worshipping the sickles
On the last day we go to the temple fair
I hope I made the happy pongal very clear
Yours sincerely,
I'm falling
Deep into a state of nothing
The rest of the world is fading
As I disappear.

Left alone with myself
Thoughts pulling me down further
No one here to pull me back
And I'm gone.

Surrounded with emotion
Sadness and anger with no devotion
I'm lost in that haze
With no hope for returning tonight.
Sorry I know this isn't good. But I needed to try something to feel better.
She can be my Juliet, her heart is my prize.
Save me from myself but lead to my demise.
Ill be her Romeo, more or less I suppose.
Ill die for her, if that's the way that it goes.
Our love is forbidden, shunned by our surrounding persons.
But without my girl, the pain only worsens.
So ill take a stab, straight into my beating heart
If it means, in the end, we never see need to part.
A bit cliche but a sort of modern twist to the classic story. The surrounding persons represent society and the end stands more for the fact that if I can do something to save the one I love, I'll take the hit. Because if she's safe I know there's still at least some piece of my heart left.

— The End —