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Abby Jun 10
I know most people don’t like
This weather
But to me
It’s perfect

It’s misty and mysterious
It’s blustery and beautiful
It’s rainy and refreshing

Nobody here
All to myself
Abby Jun 10
Who am I?
I’ll give you a clue
I am diamond and silk
I am Piglet and Pooh

I am a diamond with many facets
And I am as soft as my curvy assets

I am sweet piglet
Thoughtful and kind
And I am peaceful Pooh
With a simple mind

I am an oak tree
Standing quietly strong
And a delicate leaf
Sweetly singing my song
Abby Jun 10
I can feel it latching onto each
Tiny hair on my face as it falls
Following the trace
Of the tears before it
No sound but heavy breathing and
The muted stream of questions
Inside my head
My eyes wide
Searching for information
Amongst the blurry gaze
Abby May 28
The new car shows off
the empty passenger seat
where the excited smiles
would travell to my bones

The new job excitement
is met with someone else’s voice
at the end of an empty phone number
“This number has not been recognised”

The completion of the dream course
is met with a paper certificate
and squeals of delight echoing silently
in the empty space where
dances with imaginary pom-poms
would lift my exhausted mind
The joyous wedding plans sparkle as they roll around looking for that eager sounding board to bounce off
and instead
latching onto wisps of
imagination and memory

The new house
highlights the loss of a home
showing off pretty framed pictures of you
hanging flat
with arms stretched wide

The thought of a baby...
and losses
Abby May 28
Here lies Pandora's box
Not quite a curse
Not quite a dark pit
But a diamond
So sharp
It will open up your wounds
Just by looking at it
Open with caution
Open with care
In fact
Consider not opening the box
Consider that the brightness
Is as sharp as the edge
Consider reconsidering
Re-reading your journals
I wrote it after I was sorting through old journals and opened one and BAM, I was on the floor in FLOODS of tears. They are now in a box awaiting a hand written warning/note to self.
Abby May 28
I would be cutting myself
Down the middle and
Exposing my bones


I'm feeling brave

And if the songs of my bones
Can soothe just one other person
It would be worth it
The thought of sharing my poems with those who are close to me, is much scarier than sharing with people I don’t know. I’m exposing soul, my deepest joy and deepest pain.
Abby May 14
I am a girly tomboy
I am a flexible perfectionist
I am a thoughtful risk taker
I am confidently emotional
I am a paradox

I am a diamond
With a hundred facets
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