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Abbie Victoria Mar 2021
I am women,
Thats why I dont walk alone
Listening through my headphones.

I am women,
So I button and check my shirt twice
To ensure i don't attract or entice.

I am women,
Sorry men we can not be friends
For the boundries may blur and extend.

I am a women,
Enjoying the art beautifying a face
I must be looking for the chase.

I am a women,
If I appear bare as a natural,
They'll ask what's wrong or if I'm ill.

I am a women,
When I don't encourage and engage,
I must be odd or maybe strange.

I am a women,
And *** I say is what I like,
They tell me no that's also not right.

I am a women,
I bare child and bring new life,
Presumed I'm simply a stay at home wife.

I am a women,
Working hard climbing the ladder,
I hear my biological clock really matters.

I am a women,
Who enjoys the same as thoes gone before,
They say I have no mind of my own anymore.

I am a women,
Outlandish and keen to explore,
They tell me stop this and settle for sure.

We are women
different and same alike,

We are women
with our own minds,

We are women
who deserve to thrive,
We are women who don't alway survive.
Abbie Victoria Mar 2021
I hear your right back at the start,
I'm not sorry to be off the chart.
Goodbte to A typical fake misdemeanour,
A classicaly insercure demeanour.
Your truth fell down thick and fast,
Looking back Im glad it's the past.
All the parts of myself that I trusted you with,
Now gifts of lasting memories for you I give.
Reminding me what I knew to be true,
Most only stay when their gaining from you.
I happened to meet the one white witch,
She told me her name was Stevie Nicks.
When I asked her she sadly agreed,
That she sang her song Dreams for me.
So I would know exactly what to do,
Say no more for mi-casa su-casa to you.

So along I move to a happier beat,
Light as air on these tiny dancers feet.
With A left hand man by my right side,
Singing to our new song Riptide.
He says im his tiger but just a kitten inside,
Together we made friends,
With life's Jekyll and Hyde,
We are a future groom and bride.
Abbie Victoria Feb 2021
Then all of a sudden
Out of the blue
It was no longer
All about you.
Abbie Victoria Feb 2021
Your hurt hurts me
to stay
Yet I can't move
from you
We must lean
this way
Or together fall
on through
Memories are
but pain,
Its where I visit
I was the cause of
I was the one
To loose.
Abbie Victoria Feb 2021
These are pleas in literature,
Words retained to capture.
Interplays from memories,
Phrases for our enemies,
Thoughts poured onto paper,
Hopes held by A stapler.
Pain drawn out by words,
Feelings told in verse,
Aches etched through styling,
Love bound by rhyming,
It's all laid out as we're surmising,
If you think we create art,
Your not reading our writing.
Abbie Victoria Feb 2021
I'm still here,
Do you know,
I stayed when you said go.

I'm still here,
Don't you see,
Youll always be the one for me.

I'm still here,
Could you imagine,
I still have not come to fathom.

I'm still here,
What do you do,
I wonder if you miss me too.

I'm still here, but where are you.
I hear your happy,
I hope it's true.
Abbie Victoria Feb 2021
Wait for me in twenty thirty three,
Where we first arranged to meet.
When the children are grown,
Our seeds set and sown.
Again we could be,
You and me,
It will always be you.
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