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Abbie Victoria Sep 2019
She was never to think,
Yet she’d thought so much,
A part of her mind never touched.

She did not want,
But only wonder,
Of all the answers she could not conjure.

She slowly splintered,
Never to cry,
Until time arrived to face truths ugly eye.

She never asked,
Yet she received,
A path where many may of been deceived.

She faced the face,
Of a thousand signs,
Finally revealed she had strength all the time.

She freed her mind,
To roam again once more,
A reset grows replacing all that’s gone before.

She now has hopes,
She never wished for,
Her time to grow is once more.
The beginning
Abbie Victoria Aug 2019
“If you think that you hold the answers,
Then why haven’t you found the solution yet?”
He hushed to me while i faintly wept.
“Just take the pill, and help yourself.
Think about your state of health.”
The questions continue,
how is this? and how was that?
Thinking I could reply with one fact.
I plead with him,
“Do not pray to whats on my mind,
As we merely don’t have the time.”
Yet he persists,
Relationships? Growing up? Maternal family?
I mutter the words,
“All traumatic for me.”
“Well then here you go Miss, and come back again soon...You’ll be feeling better by then i presume.”
Abbie Victoria Aug 2019
I don’t know where you came from,
Yet I see you in my favourite song.
I’m not sure where it is you’ll go,
Or if that’s even for me to know.
I wonder what it is you think,
Of meeting me at the brink?
I feared the chaos I could bring,
As you deserve peace within.
I let you glimpse at my heart,
Unaware youd leave with A part.
I feel our time may of been and gone,
Yet the feelings still linger on.
At times I wonder if we missed,
A vital part, loves first kiss.
Abbie Victoria Aug 2019
One should make space and time,
To bring forth an enlightened mind.
Take A thought then think deeper,
Hold an emotion until it’s weaker.
Accept what you have,
Only then want more,
Act solely off your heart,
If first your head is sure.
We hold abilities of limitless comprehension,
When we seek our own realisation.
Uncharted understanding of what surrounds,
Is achievable for minds free of bounds.
Balance the scales of your life,
Bring forth your love, accept your strife.  
Once you can create peace from within,
Your true life’s path you may begin.
Abbie Victoria Jul 2019
Baby boy unborn,
Awaits the day he dawns.
Been brought to life,
By A mother’s strife.
She gives to him all she is,
For a life only he can live.
A binding love for her first born son,
Ties A knot that can’t be undone.
A timely blessing A gift awaiting,
You’ll soon be here in the making.
Baby boy unborn your mother awaits you,
Along with A loving family and lots of friends too.
For a friend, S.R x
Abbie Victoria May 2019
They call it BPD
A illness that shapes me,
Its the “I don’t fit in” disorder,
The “Your the one who’s out of order.”
Come to terms I now can admit,
How hard I felt each near hit.
Always one with the conflict,
feelings of A counterfeit.
There turns A time of no cease,
absence of light is unleashed,
out of the blue from the inside,
this empty form and crowded mind.
A Diagnosis is in
The cerebrums burnt like third degree skin,
Its now over sensitive to everything.
The cause of the burns,
Is internal fires,
that incinerated mental wires.
Did I change who I am,
for A world i saw to be A sham,
attempting to form A personality,
I try them on to see what fits me.
You'll see Im not afraid to be alone,
yet again not all on my own.
To see the good in everyone
until reminded that Im wrong,
proving myself right all along.
If everything is all black and white,
Right or wrong,
where do I look to belong,
In a world that teaches all that’s wrong.
It’s the same solitary single fight,
To look for ways to grow from plight.
Within knowledge and words,
maybe it’s time to find,
this true from for the first time.
Habits become traits.
Abbie Victoria May 2019
Have you ever fallen from no height,
Heard the angels lie,
Broke at babies eyes.

Risen like the sun,
Settled like A storm,
Had skin burnt by the moon,
Stayed awake dusk till dawn.

Then you must find the middle path,
The enlighted way that will last.
Find the balance of your mind,
Worry not of your time.
We must share what we know,
Then A peaceful future we could grow.

Listen learn then go onto teach,
Your mind has no limit of its reach.
Leave behind any extremes,
Moderate all of your needs.
Act upon love,
Speak for tranquility,
To fulfill your true capabilities.
Think of yourself and think of others,
To finally unfold all of life’s covers.

Until then we must witness our own down fall,
Pledge to join me when the changes call.
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