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87forever Apr 2017
How do you love
The concept is what I'm thinking of
I show you love by giving you a hug
I heard love was the worst drug
But the best gift
When your down love can lift  
It's crazy but love can shift
Searching for love you can drift
This could be the one
Not the one then its done
I said I love you forever
Didn't say we should be together
F love til the next love
you thought you met your best love
You thinking forever
For long time this love been together
Then here comes the  stormy weather
You thinking love is never forever
The word unconditional comes to mind
When it comes to love that word is hard to find
Unconditional should be a love additional
Only the love of God is traditional
Only person you love unconditional
Everyone else love is hard to see
Love ain't for free
You got to give your heart away
And that person could drop it any day
Cause the never knew how to love
87forever Mar 2017
Never wrong always right
prove you wrong I'm praying at night
I love cause I have to
I think bout life with you
Never wrong always right
You win every time we fight
I love you for being around
I think bout you being in the ground
Never wrong always right
The cloud over my sun light
I love you for what you've done 4 me
How was you in my life ment to be
Never wrong always right
I act like you? I might
I love you then I don't
You make me drown instead of float
My father is never wrong always right
These are the words he make me write
I  love him and I don't know why
I get upset and I cry
My father is never wrong always right
He shows love by holding my heart tight
Tell me I'm wrong but doesn't say it alright
Tells me to lie when he's wrong so he's right
My father is wrong most of time never right
But I pray for him every night
I love him cause he loves my mother
Tho I wish they would've never mite each other
She deserve better
I wrote the poem but its really a letter
Asking you why
Would a father make his son cry
87forever Mar 2017
Why are you waiting
This love is intoxicating
Competitive I want be better
Less sun more rain type of weather
Need more sun seem to be living in night
I what's right
Hard to understand life ain't fair
Thank god 4 the air I breath
I'm nice but I'm stress
I'm blessed but I'm depress
Daily thought of death
My feelings how do I express
Pain in chest demon attack
Its god that I contact
Save me save me
Mama only baby
Brother and sister wish I had one
I didn't pick this life no refunds
250 am this is what on my mind
But I tell everyone I'm doing fine
87forever Mar 2017
Your just not enough
I never been so life is ruff
Your to much of this
Not enough of that
Your should add this
Subtract that
This is me adjusting myself
This is bad for my health
Truth comes out when you mad
Words I say or not make you sad
Assuming you never hurt me
Cause your heart good
I'm so misunderstood
I can't win
**** what im feelin
Trying play nice but I'm the villain
The maybes of one day
We say  this everyday
Love may not be enough
I feel like I'm not enough
Coming up with ways to give more
Trying to be right one to live for
My feelings I just ignore
I get beat up my body's sore
Trying to satisfie
Replacing with who am I
Just for there to be a you and I
Go head and cry
Obviously I cry to
Its easy loving you
But giving what I'm given you
Maybe its Just not enough
87forever Feb 2017
Did you hear this
Did you see that
Questions of everyday
youll  write a status before you pray
You show your face
But won't show your body
I lost weight time to post it
So somebody will tell me
they proud of me
Facts or lies But they look
Famous by my likes on the book
Im just speaking my mind
I want you know how I feel
All the time
But keep your options to yourself
If you do not agree
Or going to judge
I know I said it for you to see
I'm just being me
Why speak out loud
If you can't listen
I want everybody attention
When I press post
I'm asking myself what's wrong with these folks
87forever Dec 2016
I wish dreams was promised
That way i'll be happy
No in the real world where more dishonest
Then we are honest
Even if we have the knowledge
Some how we say we're underprivileged
Scared of the dark but i live in it
I can do better I admit
From the time I start I quit
I'll never be able to do that ****
I should becomes I wish
To broken promises
Time should vauled
But I use it in the wrong way
I'm always go be OK
These are the words I say
The lies open my heart to the tears
You can also see the fears
Death before my dreams
I hope my dream is before my death
I lived a great life before I take my last breath
87forever Nov 2016
A day to remember forever
I hate we'll never

Say we always knew well be together
Love at first sight met for each other

Your somebody I'll fall in love with
Get old then die come back to life and be with

Your my heart I cant live without
Why we not to together why did we doubt

Was it your mother or father
It should've been the love that matter

No I'm not happy
But today is your day

Love sickest and healthy
don't forget I do will be the words you say

Why not me why not you
Saying goodbye I love you
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