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Rosà Feb 2019
Her brokenness opened an opportunity for her to grow,
Yet the scars keep on reminding her about the hours she's wasted.
The shattered wine glasses are on the floor, waiting to perforate on someone's feet.
Her blood keep on spurting out from her flaws, yet she turned a blind eye when she sees a band aid on the table.
Rosà Feb 2019
Crickets sing as the sun takes a nap
While the river continues to flow like a welcoming orchestra for the moon.
What has gone is yet to be reborn,
But when will it stop?
Will it be an eternal cycle?
Rosà Sep 2018
Do you see the stars that smile so bright at night?
If you don't, then someone is covering your eyes, depriving you from seeing my value in your life.
A mist, perhaps, a someone whom you are blinded by your so called love in disguise.
But have you ever seen the knives behind her back?
Whenever you hug her, a treacherous smile was plastered on her lips and in her eyes.
Behind her mind was an evil plan, which is all about taking you away from me.
You were so happy without me because you were in her company, while she's enjoying your stupidity, toying you like a fool.

There was something that shines so bright at night,
I thought it was my reflection, a someone who sees me the way I am seeing you
Who also watches me from behind, who always flash a smile when we meet our eyes
A someone who shines brightly, flashing a bright smile for me.

Now, don't come back for me after you've seen her evil plan
I was there all the way chasing after you so that you'll come back
But you didn't even flinch
Now that I finally found the man I deserve, don't ever come to my door and knock and beg.
Rosà Aug 2018
Utterance of regrets
Left my mouth, words slithering down
Snaking their way to you
I stomped on it,
Yet the message spread like a blazing fire, unstoppable
And it reached your eardrums

My world crumbled into pieces
I tried to rebuild it, but the pieces just won't fit in together
Because your love which served as the glue became lousy
It no longer has the adhesivity.
Rosà Aug 2018
My momma taught me how to swim,
But I don't know why I am drowning now
Drowning in my own sea of tears
Caused by my untold sad stories
Of the past that keeps on haunting me,
Of the present which tames me into the "supposed-to-be"
And of the future which pressures me to be prepared upon.

My momma taught me not to cry whenever someone hurts me,
But how can I not
When my enemy is myself?
I constantly open my flesh using the silver metal
And the metallic smell of blood makes me feel alive
As the searing pain roar me to life
How can I not cry?

My momma taught me how to help others
That I shouldn't be selfish
That I should adhere to other people's rules
But how can I help them,
When I can't even help myself from tearing apart?
From killing myself slowly?
How can I?

My momma taught me to never surrender
But momma, you never asked my state right now

Why are you crying?
Your tears continuously fall on the glass of my coffin
Momma, your make up is smearing across your face

Momma, momma
The real you!
The real you is revealed
Without those make up, your dark circles showed up
And a tear on your lips became visible!

Momma, momma
I know that dad was beating you too
That's why I chose not to rely on you because I don't want to add up to your burdens.
Momma, I love you good bye.
Rosà Aug 2018
As time ripens my immature mind,
I learned to ponder each of your lies
Pain seared through my veins,
Nausea filled me with good bye.

The forces of the universe
Impatiently tease and lure me into a temptation
As victory tasted sweet no more,
Bitterness wrinkled on my tongue

I gripped your hand so tight,
But rendered it useless
For you forced me to loosen it
How painful it is!

I gave you love, you returned hate
Pleased you with might, you destroyed me by fright
Honored your request, you disgraced me by fault
I endeavoured you to stay, yet you still turned and walked away.
Rosà Apr 2018
We are
      Still young
But enjoying
       The marriage life
Of the love we have made
        Now I am drowning,
Our love still growing
          Rooted under the depths of our innocence
          As we push our way to eternity
The waves that maneuver our boat
          Might not break the paddles
And let's enjoy the temptations of the bridges,
        Let's not take the easiest way
Because at the end, it's all worth it.
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