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Aug 2018
My momma taught me how to swim,
But I don't know why I am drowning now
Drowning in my own sea of tears
Caused by my untold sad stories
Of the past that keeps on haunting me,
Of the present which tames me into the "supposed-to-be"
And of the future which pressures me to be prepared upon.

My momma taught me not to cry whenever someone hurts me,
But how can I not
When my enemy is myself?
I constantly open my flesh using the silver metal
And the metallic smell of blood makes me feel alive
As the searing pain roar me to life
How can I not cry?

My momma taught me how to help others
That I shouldn't be selfish
That I should adhere to other people's rules
But how can I help them,
When I can't even help myself from tearing apart?
From killing myself slowly?
How can I?

My momma taught me to never surrender
But momma, you never asked my state right now

Why are you crying?
Your tears continuously fall on the glass of my coffin
Momma, your make up is smearing across your face

Momma, momma
The real you!
The real you is revealed
Without those make up, your dark circles showed up
And a tear on your lips became visible!

Momma, momma
I know that dad was beating you too
That's why I chose not to rely on you because I don't want to add up to your burdens.
Momma, I love you good bye.
Written by
Rosà  17/F/Tubod Minglanilla Cebu
(17/F/Tubod Minglanilla Cebu)   
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