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emmie Jul 2021
It's gotten to the point where I can barely write. I broke when I saw you at that first rehearsal. I couldn't handle it. I still haven't recovered.
emmie Jul 2021
Help me find
an escape

I need
a reason to live
a reason to love

Help me escape from
my anxiety
the pain
the guilt
the sorrow
the judgment
the everything

let me live
without being present

and let me die
without the heartbreak.
emmie Jul 2021
"what's wrong?"
                "nothing and everything at the same time."
emmie Jun 2021
you were trying
to come back
but you missed
your chance
emmie Jun 2021
Roses flood in the stream
As he brushes his hands
Over the water

His eyes are plastered in her mind
As she watches a smile
Soften his face

They used to dream of each other
Of meeting and touching and hearing

And now that they have that,
They are so deeply in love.
emmie May 2021
and in that moment
she knew she would never see him again
would never hold his hand
hear his voice
or kiss his lips

in that moment,
she broke.
emmie May 2021
im sorry i broke your heart.
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