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emmie Sep 2022
it's so loud inside my*
-i can't deal with it anymore-
emmie Feb 2022
I was drinking smoking till I die
I spent my days thinking, am I just a child?
Leading a life that was just a lie
emmie Dec 2021
What makes love?
   love can't be built, but it can be found.
Well then how do you find it?
   by not trying to look for it.
emmie Dec 2021
i saw him today,
walking by

i wanted to call his name,
or for him to look over
across the street,
and see me

i think i miss him,
but maybe not

after all,
you can’t erase feelings

you can’t erase love

i wonder if he misses me,
probably not

but i can’t go back,
i just

emmie Dec 2021
I feel like I can’t write
like i’m nothing

i’m always tired
always needing
or longing

for comfort
or love

is it a relapse?
maybe i’m just lonely…

it’s probably a relapse
emmie Sep 2021
what is this life worth?

is it worth the clothes on my back
or the money in my pocket?

is it worth the friends that i have gained
and the lovers i slept with?

is it worth the tears that have fallen
or the smiles i have spread?

what is life worth?
emmie Sep 2021
and for the first time,
she was at peace
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