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Emma 13h
when will i be good enough
will i be good enough when i get straight a's
or when i graduate at the top of my class
or when i have a job
or when i have lots of friends
or when i dont make mistakes
or when i get enough sleep
or when i can finally play that one piece in symphonic band

when will i be good enough
when can i finally say that i was sucessful

i want to be good enough

but i dont know how to get there
Emma 2d
Healing is a process
in which one must live
through the pain

Even on the darkest days
they must find a light
to guide them

Healing is a process
in whihc one must forget
the bad times
and the good times

One must learn from those

You have to hide away
the pain and the guilt

Stuff the memories
and gifts
and pictures
and keepsakes

under your bed
or in the back of you closet

I pushed away those feelings
and the memories of him
of us
and replaced it with the love from and for
my friends
and myself

I will love myself more
than you had ever loved me

I will be strong
for those who are still weak

and when someone brings you up
I'll say,

"Oh yeah, I know him. He used to be a friend of mine."

But now he's a memory

Now he's a stranger

From which I must heal.
Emma 5d
my vision is blurry,
my music is static,
my phone isn't buzzing,
for i am alone in my world of

Emma 6d
Drowning in a salty lake
A lake of my own tears

I weep when I see
The swan shimmering in the sun

I wish I could be like you, I say.
Emma May 2
The places we met in the dark look different in the day,
As if they had never been places at all...
Emma May 1
I know
how much you must hate me
right now
you have plenty of reasons to be,
and honestly,
I would be mad
and annoyed too
if I were you

because I still have
you phone number
written down

yet even after all this time
I could never
bring myself to throw it away

and for some reason,
I still care about you,
yet I know that I shouldn’t.

So go ahead,
be mad at me
walk away from me.

But when you’re beaten down
and heartbroken,
don’t come running back to me
looking for comfort,
because you won’t find it
in me.
Emma Apr 30
I loved you
because you made me feel,
after being numb
for so long.
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