Life provides the contours, poets provide the shading and color ~ r Rick Richardson All rights reserved. Read more
Life provides the contours, poets provide the shading and color ~ r Rick Richardson All rights reserved. Read more
**Diamond Write**   (81 followers)
breathtaking. mind-boggling and -bending.
Exceptional Poetry   (129 followers)
Unforgettable ink
Wordsmith   (134 followers)
A skilled user of words
Fired Paradise   (136 followers)
Here is for poets who can see the light in darkness & hear a voice even in the sadest silence...
Polished Poetry   (122 followers)
Polished Poetry - Made To Shine.
Impeccable Poetry   (157 followers)
Let Us Free Our Minds And Give Our Poetry Wings. You are most welcome to follow my other collection "Impeccable Poetry - Part II" Thank you most kindly. Rosalie - Lady R.F xxx
~ Love for the Moon ~   (12 followers)
~~~~ for all things Moon ~~~~
Oldies Can Trend Too!   (43 followers)
Do you have an old poem ready to post  but not sure if it's the right thing to do?  If you are not stingy with a few hearts, just release them to the universe and start again! ...
Exceptional Poem   (198 followers)
"You are the poem that sticks in my throat teaching me to whisper with the voice of my heart." Jessica Kristie
Best sour and sweet poems   (142 followers)
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again. Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar To post your poems in this collection you have to go ...
Best of Hello Poetry   (15 followers)
Put in here what you believe to be the best of hellopoetry -- no teenage angst, no stereotypical love/rain/breakup dabblings, just pure emotion, confession, and feeling. Think of it like a hall of fame for ...
Only The Very, Very, Very Best Of The Best   (79 followers)
Poems everyone should read! Please add your work!
A Poet's Treasure   (387 followers)
Let the waves of time flow, Let them, my love for I will treasure you Till my last breath and beyond.
Gramps file for humanity   (32 followers)
A file for the funnies strange outrageous and laughing stock poetry. A page for all kinds of wonderful arrangements , a page for madness! Sorrows. Long lost loves, love. Sickness. Fear. Dying. Life. Living. All ...
Phenomenon   (29 followers)
I started this collection to gather poems related to experiences involving spirits, ufos, unsolved mysteries, etc. They can be based on actual events or born of inspiration and imagination. Please do not submit your own ...
Creatively Breaking Rules   (40 followers)
There are the master's who came before us and that's really great. With that said, some of us break the rules creatively and our heads do not reflect the lovely calm pond that imbues serenity. ...
Invisible strings   (116 followers)
Tie those strings that are invisible and delightful to this collections
Gypsy Picks   (11 followers)
poems caught in the heart's net ... those that have that extra special somethin'-somethin'
YipYap   (9 followers)
For all works that show the true bitter nature of the small minded woof. Yip Yap, woof spit pote.
Ain't gonna make war no more   (37 followers)
Enough is enough.
Words Beyond Thee Abyss   (9 followers)
Only words of true pain can travel beyond the steep and howling depths of the dark abyss.
Wabi-Sabi   (15 followers)
There is a certain beauty in a broken cup. A delicate elegance in an abandoned building or a disheveled old man. Some ghostly grace to a tattered dress. Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese expression relating to ...
SilkenTongue Poetry   (74 followers)
Poems of Wonder and Mystery from Masters of Imagination.... ~~~~~oOo~~~~~ True Artisans of the Craft THE POETS GUILD ~~~~~~~~~~~Membership by Invitation only,~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~Any worthy poem May Be Posted By a Follower~~~ *if you like the ...
Any collab by you or your peers can be added by any and all.  Enjoy.
Pearls of Life   (155 followers)
We obtain pearls in the deep Ocean guarded by a shell. Give me those pearls that you feel worth. Anything that is cute. Please fill this collection with beauty. Hope you all help me. Thank ...
Secrets of the Sea   (143 followers)
The sea is powerful, wonderful, and unpredictable. It can be raging or it can be tranquil and calm. This collection is for those poems dedicated to the beach, ocean, sea, what ever inspires others and ...
You, life and the Universe   (13 followers)
a collection of poems about you, life and the rest !
Words Without The Frills   (86 followers)
Complexity creates fog; simplicity clears it
Spiritual Awakenings   (179 followers)
poems about connection, moments of clarity, spiritual growth through insights, transitions, grief or loss, and all the things in life that make us grow.  Spiritual does not mean religious, but does not exclude religious experiences.  please share ...
life as it is.......   (38 followers)
The poems which are profoundly is seen as what it is.......
The amaranthine reverence...   (90 followers)
The poems which you love the most are meant to be posted here......
Wishes and Dreams   (2 followers)
Hopes, dreams, wishes coming true, lost dreams, whatever your heart desires
Sexy Sunday Poems   (50 followers)
For "Sexy Sunday" poems only please. :) Means poems posted on Sunday with the "Sexy Sunday" title and tag.  :)
Words Worth A Thousand Pictures   (102 followers)
There are poems whose words create pictures so vivid, a movie in a moment.
celestial inclusiveness   (127 followers)
here-- crazy cocktail of spirituality.
KCh Collaborative Poems Collection   (91 followers)
The collaborations I've made with great writers compiled in one place. If you want play the collaboration game with me just message me. Cheers!
Poetic paintings   (30 followers)
Poetry that has a beautiful flow that paints a picture from one line to the next.
blue mesa collection   (8 followers)
tales from the blue mesa painting by constance baltuck
BRING ME THE MOON !   (227 followers)
another collection of moon writings, for those who came to see the moon and couldn't get a ticket.
Building Fellowships   (78 followers)
A poem that is specific to build up another poet. All dedications welcome!                      In life we pass many people.           Let's also TOUCH THEM.           10W SoulSurvivor           Catherine Jarvis
Psychedelia   (50 followers)
~Explode~ ~Explore~ ~Expound~ ~Exist~
the Tao of Poetry   (61 followers)
"Look, and it can't be seen. Listen, and it can't be heard. Reach, and it can't be grasped. Above, it isn't bright. Below, it isn't dark. Seamless, unnamable, it returns to the realm of nothing. ...
Joe Cole's Tranquil/ity Solace Challenge Poems   (13 followers)
Save 'em here.
Musings of an idiot   (0 followers)
Poet to Poet   (29 followers)
Poet to Poet is a place for poets to respond with a poem of their own. An accompaniment if you will and collaborations..
Native American Indians   (17 followers)
America's endangered culture.
Only my best   (13 followers)
Take a few of what you consider your best works and add them to this. A lot of times your best works don't get read because they are buried somewhere in your body of work
Worlds Worthwhile Words   (157 followers)
Anything that surpasses your mind and makes the read worthwhile yes! Surely can be added here !!!
Beauty of Words   (78 followers)
"Do not exert force to move yourself... ...just believe you're already where you want to be." Any poems that move you, put you in awe, or simply make you laugh. Poems spun intelligently, with good ...
My favorite poems by Me. Memememe   (3 followers)
Feel free to add your favorite poems by YOU. youyouyouyou
Defining Love   (113 followers)
What does it mean, where do we go and how do we get there from here
Fairy Tales Slighly Off   (41 followers)
Fairy tales told from a different perspective
3am   (18 followers)
Sleeping in a dreamless slumber or patronized by nightmares... What is "3am" other than a time on a clock?
Inspirational   (114 followers)
A place for short poems that get people excited about God, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Sanctuary, Harmony,  Dreams,Nature, Family, Friends. Please add anything short that inspires!
ones to keep   (7 followers)
just some i have read and would want to keep to read again later
Carolina   (15 followers)
The Carolinas. North and South. We are all always going somewhere in our minds #jamestaylor  
Poets to watch.   (18 followers)
Poets and poems you may have missed.
Poems I Don't Understand but Really Fucking Like   (18 followers)
All in the name.
Gratitude   (151 followers)
"Gratitude is heaven itself."-William Blake Collection of poems that offer up gratitude for little moments in our lives filled with all of its joys and pains, and the feelings and experiences in between.  Thanks for sharing.
Considered Words   (63 followers)
A double-edged title, as is my wont.  Poems chosen will show considered choices of words and technique, and also will be considered for inclusion here.  Thanks to rebecca askew for the inspiration. As we all read at ...
Civil War Diaries   (6 followers)
Post your Civil War pieces here.
Haunting   (109 followers)
Poems or poets that stay with you, haunt your thoughts and imagination, your favourites that you read again and again. Please do not post your own poems as that would be egotistical (though I am ...
r's daily   (9 followers)
And sometimes there may be two when there are too many to be just one. It's true!
Lasting Ink   (35 followers)
Good ink.
Gates of Heaven   (125 followers)
Poetry has the power to change opinions, shape minds and console hearts. Let us take time out to cherish the beauty of such wonderful poetry which makes us forget all pain. You are one stop ...
Maria   (13 followers)
There will be light.
Poets Hall   (30 followers)
Where the best rest in the eyes of the beholder. Photo: my much loved high pasture in Stoney Creek, TN.
My Favorite hellopoetry Poets   (66 followers)
Members are a list of my favorite poets, with a favorite poem by each.
Mirror   (189 followers)
I like to reed good staffs around here, this is why I create a collection, for rereading everything.
Depression   (63 followers)
Just a collection of depressing poems.
Soul Journey   (45 followers)
A collection of poetry with introspective perspectives ... the essence of heart's and soul's depth Embracing our imperfections with verve knowing they only make us stronger ... poetry from the long journey with our soul ...
Of life and love   (193 followers)
Poems about all of the little things that make life and being in love both wonderful and sad.
Musings   (168 followers)
New poetry. Old poetry, a place to share with others. A sounding board.
Nulli Secundus   (91 followers)
Translation from latin into english is "second to none" this is a continuation of the Dum Spero Spiro group. This is a group for outstanding poets of the Hellopoetry community.
Darkpoetsoul   (107 followers)
For the souls of the poets who write
Take Me to the Moon   (2 followers)
To all things Moon.
Ah, to be a poor humans.   (9 followers)
Poems of our canine friends. Photo: r's sweet mutt Daisy, St. Paddie's Day, 2013.
Cogito Ergo Doleo, Dum Spiro Spero   (102 followers)
In my opinion, this collection represents a small and select sample of some the finest poems & poets found on
Minstrel of the Blue Moon   (74 followers)
Love is not a possession but a gift…Life lived without love is a meager meek existence. The humble Minstrel  whispers words of love’s lament, silently through written words… Infatuation is loves passion gone unnoticed by the ...
The Banished   (1 follower)
Kicked out of Gomorrah. .
Algorithmic Anomalies   (1 follower)
Home for poems that weren't sniffed out by the algorithm.
fancy   (52 followers)
Could be fancy, fanciful, whatever tickles your fancy
Playlist   (105 followers)
Those poems I wish to sing one more time. ..
Raw Emotional Honest Poetry Collection   (134 followers)
Just raw emotion. But honesty as a virtue in the writing.
Must Reads   (20 followers)
You must! Members only due to Berylbo Lew's inconsiderate postings. Message me if you wish to be a member.
Rondeau Fondu   (2 followers)
Any and all. Post your rondeau.
Humorous   (205 followers)
For every piece of poetry that has made you laugh! :-) Any poem with a touch of humor is welcome here. ;-) If it made you smile, it belongs here. :-) The world needs laughter. ...
The Pub's Showcase   (99 followers)
The Pub's best work
Shadows and Mirrors of Light and Darkness   (1 follower)
Give us your shadows and reflective moments.
Ironic   (250 followers)
For Ironic Poems Please feel free to follow and add every poem that has a touch of irony. Shalom!
On Dead Poets   (8 followers)
My favorite society.
Good Friggin' Poems   (12 followers)
Whatever you think fits the bill.
Hell Hath No Fury   (1 follower)
A Step Into My Heart   (221 followers)
As the title says
To Foundation and Fabric of Love.   (1045 followers)
To those who loved, in love, and fall for love! I sincerely give thanks to those who share, and those who allow me to share their love poems!  Feel forever free to feed, and allow others ...
The autumn phase   (31 followers)
We all reach the time in our cycle were we just have to let go in hopes that we will start anew. Taken from a video i made and poem on my youtube chanel the ...
10w   (187 followers)
I love the concept of using only 10w to express your thoughts. Sometimes it is best to cut out the wordiness.
Re-Remembering   (1 follower)
Poems I lost, but with the help of special friends, now recovering. Thank you Mae and Becca.
Re-remembering Me   (0 followers)
Poems I lost, but with the help of two good friends, now found. Thank you Becca and Mae
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