The generations rumble on,
I know no reason why.
We build our countless tower-blocks,
Reaching to the sky.

Jacob is our newest one.
He’s only two years old.
Who knows what things he’s going to see?
Great nephew who’ll have…great stories to be told.

We saw men land upon The Moon,
For him it will be Mars.
His kids may go much further,
Even to the Stars.

He’s such a cheery chappie,
Chapman his mum’s maiden name!
I hope he will stay cheerful,
Though Life’s a funny old game.

I hope the world gets better,
For him and all his peers.
I’m sure he’ll be a pacesetter,
And not too many tears.

So here’s to futures bright,
For Jacob and the rest.
May there always be plenty of light,
Let’s wish them all the best.

Paul Butters

Jotted down in my diary "Notes" just after 1.30 AM. Jacob Gamble is of course my great nephew. As GM Hopkins said, "Generations have trod,have trod, have trod."
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overused and undervalued
so predictable
practically mechanical
the seemingly fitting overature
to each new leaf
of the vines and flora that populate my heart
the emotions that bud and bloom
at the beginning of each soft
and most certain alive
glimpse of a new beginning

with these words
i built a bridge towards you
closer and closer
enveloping  as a structure
composed with care
decorated with consideration
and endless admiration for you

i am terrified
utterly petrified
that i have built a bridge to oblivion
the destination nonexistent
and the reciprocation void

Kindness is like a
dominoes effect
when one person
is kind to a another
person that person
then is kind to a
another person
and so on
Kindness is like a
dominoes effect
when one person
is kind to a another
person that person
then is kind to a
another person and
so on it just start with
one person being kind
to a another person and
you see the rest fell in
place so be kind to other.
© Amanda Kay Hill

I will learn how
to fully love myself-
And the things
that I can do.

In some way,
I want to be
I want to feel okay.
The process is hard
and it needs some
getting used to.

Sooner or later
I will learn how to
love myself enough,
that nobody else
will have to do it for me.

The poem is as shitty as me so yea

Do you believe in
Gifts I believe in
Gifts because I wake up
On September 14, 2016
At 3:00am I was in Alaska
On a cruise ship and it
Was 2:00am back in Colorado
When I wake up at 3:00am
I feel like something was
Wrong because have hard time
Breathing and my chest hurt
I feel like crying because I
Got a feeling that my boyfriend
has passed away and when I
Got back to home in Colorado
I found out that my boyfriend
Has passed away he passed away
On September 14, 2016 at 2:00am
That is the same day I wake up at
3:00am what chest pain and hard time
Breathing and I found out that my
Boyfriend passed away for a heart attack
I feel like I was having a heart attack
It is weird how things like it happen it
Is like you feel someone else pain and
Feel like something is wrong and
Sometime is right I believe that
It is you loved ones that passed on
Letting you know that they has passed on
In to heaven and that they
Are still here in spirit and
Watching over us
© Amanda Kay Hill

Candle of my love is in front of the air
Beauty is followed by lunatic assaults
In this violent glare let me be more fair
Life is not so easy it is but full of halts

Love my love is just a chance to glance
Deep down in all pain and all pleasure
The moment I saw you I am in dance
My beloved you are a hidden treasure

People say what I saw ,a golden glare
Which ordinary being can't dare to see
My love you are bestowed by real flair
Please do not ask what you mean to me

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#golden   #glare  
Jan 12

Through the looking glass
she fell,
and fatefully declined.
Into a world
more cold and dark,
than what she left behind.
The rabbit hole
is vast and wide,
not bound
by sense or time.
To find her way,
she must obey
the rules
of this domain.
For if she strays
she'll lose her way,
and find herself astray.
She must be brave
to fight the daze,
and see the light of day.

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