Feb 24, 2012

Radio static

Crackle.....crackle....ladies and gentlemen
Please fasten your seatbelts at this time
The no smoking light is now on
We are beginning our descent
Into madness
I'm using my seatbelt as a dinosaur
To get in one more stick
Before we crash in a gasoline flavored fireball
No music
Nothing special
No one minding
It just is
A mommy holds her sleeping daughter
A buisness man
In a pretty little tie
Loses his mind behind me
Someone tells him
Be cool man your scaring the kids
Everyone is faced with the same question
I drink cold coffee from a Styrofoam cup
Watching the deer play on the clouds outside my
(Little window)
All those times I was embarassed around people and I prayed
"God, please get me out of here"
And I got up and walked out
I wish I could go back and save all those times
To use right now
But when I try to get up
And walk out on my own power
The door opens up ten thousand feet above sea level
And closing
This is the captain ladies and gentlemen
We have suffered a slight engine malfunction
And we are going to try to make an emergency landing
If you have any prayers
Now is the time to use them

All I can do is think about you
As I sit against the bathroom door
I know that if you were here right now
You would probably be wearing headphones
Listening to your "getting ready to die playlist"
Maybe you would put your head on my lap
And try to get some sleep before we get there
I can almost hear you say
"Where we're goin' we won't get much sleep"
So I close my eyes
And lay my head back
Lighting a cigarette beneath the no smoking sign

The GO
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