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I'm a 16 year old girl just trying to experience as much life as I can in the time allotted to me

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue, realize this strength and move on." -Henry Rollins
I'm a 16 year old girl just trying to experience as much life as I can in the time allotted to me

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue, realize this strength and move on." -Henry Rollins

I needed to be a four year old
With a twinge of mom today
I didn't want to look at my problems
In fact, I wanted them to erase
I thought that I could be fantastic
But learned that I could be great
I convinced myself I could get away with
All this evading of my pain

I wanted to paint pictures, suck my thumb
Thinking it would be okay to love
I desire to see the world and all of its beauty
And I have decided that will be enough

Only then will I be happy
When I see a world filled with peace
I'm learning that sometimes to be a big girl
I have to think like a little one
Because being so open
Is a grand and simple solution

Neurotic (only slightly)

Light of my life
Optimistically realistic
Simply wondrous

7 days ago

Disrespect the lady and you’ll get the bitch.

Out at a party late one night
When some asshole wanted to fight
There was a lady in the lounge
Listening to the piano sound
He got in her face, she began to twitch
She told him to go, he called her a bitch


When I was young my granny taught me
Respect a woman and you’ll keep the peace
Listen child to the words I say
Forget them not on any day

Call a woman a bitch if you want
Truly I recommend that you not
She’ll kick your ass and knock you down
Put your body in the ground
Eat you up and rip you apart
Take your soul, take your heart
Cut you up and make you bleed
Turn you into buzzard meat
Yeah, she’s got a hell of a twitch
If you dare to call her a bitch


What happened next granny’s words did prove
This woman was up and on the move
She kicked his ass in no time flat
He was down for the count, back to the mat
The word he spoke, aggravated her twitch
He disrespected the lady, he got the bitch.

  Mar 20  Samm Marie Moore
Luna Marie

He says that he's leaving..
And that it wasn't my fault.
I'm trying not to cry and yet his face is beaming,
He's hiding something in that vault.

He'll be gone for a year...
Where? I don't know.
Wherever it is, he'll be there and I'll be here.
He's really antsy, he really wants to go.

Thousands of miles apart,
He'll forget me and yet...
He will always have my heart.

They always leave me... Maybe the problem is me.
#love   #alone   #leave  

Because I don't want to accept that life is short


I miss you something awful
and it hurts real bad.
Today I cried because I realized
You'll never want me back
I'm a mess, I'm a project:
I am charity work you took on.
You loved me and I you,
But in a blink you were gone.
Now I feel like a part of me's missing
Because it liked you more.
I guess I didn't realize
You and I were at war.
Well baby, you win
To the victor do the spoils go.
You have my heart still
And my promise isn't broke.
You're beautiful; spectacular
Please don't change a thing.
I love you, you wonderful man,
Even though to you I am nothing

  Mar 19  Samm Marie Moore
Mar 17

Stella said," Momma, I want a jump castle for my friends at my birthday, and daddy."
But daddy won't be there
"Momma, I hate court. That judger is a meanie weanie."
I know baby, shhh
"Can I have a jump castle?"
You'll have your castle, now hush
Stella sais," Momma, why don't daddy like me?"
He does baby
"Why won't he look at me?"
I don't know, princess, daddy is sick
"He needs a doctor and a sucker and a shot."
Yes baby, shush
She said,"Momma, why did daddy hurt you, like the tangles hurt my hairs?"
I don't know baby

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