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Thou cometh the Winter
in discontent
the leaves of Summer
must give up the rent
~ Helen 04/05/14

Remember this,
To be touched
is not just
Fingertips on skin
Hugs of the soul
are a deeper embrace
They reach beyond
the human face
to see where
you truly begin
~ Helen 26/12/13

'When the time comes
place the coin,
beneath my tongue
so I may pay
Or else my
has scarce begun'
~ Helen 01/12/13
Thou cometh the Winter
in discontent
the leaves of Summer
must give up the rent
~ Helen 04/05/14

Remember this,
To be touched
is not just
Fingertips on skin
Hugs of the soul
are a deeper embrace
They reach beyond
the human face
to see where
you truly begin
~ Helen 26/12/13

'When the time comes
place the coin,
beneath my tongue
so I may pay
Or else my
has scarce begun'
~ Helen 01/12/13
41 minutes ago

You write the most beautiful words
for the woman in your life
I get it now, I'm such a cow
I only see destruction and strife
I'm lying right next to him
just now, as I write
he doesn't know
I'm twisting the knife
I want to be that woman
so proud, so bold
but in his eyes I've grown
so bitter, so cold
except I've had to weather
such unexpected plans
that all I can do
is look down
at my upturned hands
palms out in supplication
raised as a defence
ready to hold against a cheek
that doesn't take offence
I read words from such males
that hold a vow so sacred
and epiphanies become true to me
that leave me standing raw and naked

dedicated to so few that know their woman :)
1 hour ago

Dinner is ready my love!
Is it? Well get me another beer bitch!
Stalking to the refrigerator
past the knife block and the empty
bottle of wine, both are mine
except then you say
Hey! This shits cold
and the argument grows old
because I called dinner 45 minutes ago
in bed
you rolled over
and said
I love you

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wolf spirit aka quinfinn
wolf spirit aka quinfinn
11 hours ago      2 hours ago

dear woman,
as sure as the day is long
within my heart i carry your song

dear woman,
each day i break my back
to compensate for the things you lack

dear woman,
each night as i lay down to sleep
i thank the maker for you, and i weep

dear woman,
if ever we have a cross word
believe me, my pain is forever interred

dear woman,
i live for the beauty you share
without  you i'd suffer beyond compare

dear woman,
you bring all the sweetness of life
my lover, my friend, my savior, my wife

dear woman,
forgive all my masculine pride
for i couldn't stand tall without you at my side

dear woman,
i 'm thankful every day
for all of the blessings you bring my way

dear woman,
you are my heart and my home
and proof that no man can do it alone

dear woman,
each morning, my spirit you lift
you're manna from heaven and god's greatest gift

dear woman,
i love you and trust you to be
the one who can bring out the hero in me

dear woman,
i'm grateful for all that you do
for there isn't a me, if there wasn't a you

the next time you guys are tempted to
call that lovely companion the old sperm bank or
the old ball and chain
consider this
she puts up with way more shit than you ever would
or could
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Marshal Gebbie
Marshal Gebbie
5 hours ago      1 hour ago

Lured by the siren voices of human aggrandizement,
The hedonistic, headlong pursuit of material satisfaction.
By the few who seek wealth and power
On a scale undreamed of
By the Caesars and Pharaohs
Or even by the lofty, pampered Imperialists
Of the heady nineteenth century.

Ignored, are the vast stinking, majority,
The teeming poor who sink deeper
Into the morass of hunger and wretchedness.
In circumstances of inescapable horror
Which breed hopelessness
And the smouldering hatred
Of lasting resentment and fear

A world of vast inequality.
Marshaled by the incorrigibly rich
In order to sate their selfish and aggressive
Lust for more.
An ideological evil
Which grips the lost and deprived
With the extinction of hope
And the rage to exact…a retribution.

Then there is the deterioration
Of international leadership,
The willingness or inability
Of world powers to control
Excess or anarchy within or without
Their borders…
Even whilst circling each other
With monstrous weaponry
And an engulfing, growing,
Antagonism of distrust.

America is in retreat to it’s fortress shores.
Europe is leaderless, timid and uncontactable.
Russia, near bankrupt, snarling aggression
And clawing back a buffer of unwilling former satellites.
Eurasia and the Middle East seething
With religious and racial warfare.
Africa in the throes of losing control
Of a world threatening Ebola pandemic.
China clawing it’s way forward
To global economic and military dominance.

A world without referees or rules
Where antagonistic giants force
The un-powerful to adopt
An  ultimatum of “either them or us”.
Where the threat of terrorism transcends borders every day,
Where genocidal practices and weapons of mass destruction,
Computer global anarchy and environmental depredation
Illustrate the growing volatility
Of a deteriorating world order.

There is a Paralysis of Will in mankind.
Anthropology, psychology and physiology
Recognise only one single human species.
But that species is impossibly fractionated….
By an entrenched pattern of conflict,
An inability to compromise,
A refusal to disperse wealth for the common good,
Global racial and religious disharmony and animosity
And a fundamental refusal to communicate
Proactively …at all.

The consequences of tolerating
And furthering this Paralysis of Will,
Shall lead mankind to an apocalypse.
The consequences of which,
Are just too terrible to contemplate.

Somehow we should, as one,
Engender… a common aspiration,
With a level of universal commitment,
To induce an attitude, a consciousness
Of great and abiding…
World Citizenship.

Realistic? …No!
Likely? …No!
Do you give it a snowballs chance in Hell? …Not this week!

Why?... The frailty of Human Nature!

From just about as far away from everything as you can, thankfully, possibly get….
20 September 2014

With thanks for base material from The Baha'i Universal House of Justice and Henry Kissinger's new book on"Threatening Chaos"
3 hours ago

My mother always said
when you hand over a knife
you should always hold it
toward someone, with the blade
in your hand
but it's a little hard
when the blade is slippery
with my blood
and I had to use the handle
to pull it from my back

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1 day ago      1 day ago

Every day I reveal
I give a little more
something special, so real to life
a different side of life
those pieces of me no one can steal
every night I'm where it takes me
to where I find that part of me
that needs no excuses
nothing to change
nothing to add to
But what if it isn't the truth? What if I am a product of fear? When I look at my keyboard, I remember things I cannot say aloud. That is the darkness.
nothing to subtract
the fairy of all things sharp and dangerous.
a day in the sun a light
That casts no shadow,
Pushing through all darkness
To reveal the only truth
a smackeral here,
a smidgen there
i stitch into the weave
as my truth
as i can bare,
leaving me naked
and bereft
but as a milliner of words
so fine
I stitch together a tapestry
of twine
upon a silken bed of shadow
the words, they matter
on the morrow
Twisted threads of golden thought
weaves crimson tears
that taught
the one that orates
as they weave
leaves a pattern
that can't deceive
cleft, my palette
of words, sacred,
alone but not forsaken-
created, awakened and tasted
and i stop for a while
to taste the silence between words
the echoes of my steps
roaming inside a dream
Chinese boxes with corners that
domino like the seals
of envelopes, they
stick to sticky
seals of words,
telling of straw earth.
sinkhole, the word frightened me as a child
even now I tread lightly
allaying the inevitable
i tread lightly, lightly... allaying
the inevitable
babble of...
"lustful gushing
of wordlove
that cascades
from my brain
enervated, regenerated
to explain
the gears
and cogs
of this
clockwork world
and again
the never ending

I wish to make a poem  of community involvement. I have started it with the first four words. It is an experiment to see what may be created by many minds, many contributions. To add to this poem, place your words you wish to add in Quotations  in a comment . All contributions will be added in sequence. All will be added, nothing deleted. Help if you can. Let us see what many might create.
2 days ago      2 days ago

I have a neighbour, he's going on 98
I don't really know him but I don't hate
how he gets up every morning at 6am
and rambles in his garden even when
I'm trying to sleep late
I walk my dog around my neighbourhood
and people nod and say hello
but I'm no more interested in their lives
then a passing glance and smile
as I walk towards my humble home
I live amongst many lives
that fracture against themselves
they may be semi religious, or zealots
but I could never tell
Just as I walk these streets
uncaring of a Diety
I couldn't give a single thought
to if you went to church this morning
I couldn't care less if your knees are bruised
from going down in prayer several times
I don't give a passing flippancy
If you woke this morning at 10am
and your first drink was Wine
I don't particularly know my neighbours
except for passing smiles and nods
I don't particularly care for religion
and I don't care to know God

I should write a note here...
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