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Thanks for the memories that walk away with me!

Thanks for the memories that walk away with me!

May 21

She was like...
that rundown house you thought was empty. With each rock thrown, broken windows let in the cold, until one day, it was finally abandoned.

not quite a poem... I'll file this under 'other'
  May 13  Helen
May 13

There is a garden in her lunchbox.
She brings it to school every day.
Inside there lives a little leprechaun.
He tends her fields of unpicked bouquets
and talks of days, far and long away
when he lived in a box owned by someone
not nearly so pretty and small and loved.
She smiles, and he laughs, and they talk
and then the bully borrows her lunchbox.

May 12

I like to lick the window
he said
Whenever I see somebody
passing by
It's just my way
of saying
I'd like to chat to them
but today I'm beat
I can't seem to stay
upon my feet
so I dragged a chair

which was such a feat
from dining room
to bedroom
and I didn't cheat
I actually left the room
for a moment in time
I love the new curtains

by the way
the fabric is sublime
but next time you decide
to rearrange the outside
could you give me a heads up
so I don't run and hide
so I can memorise
the exact amount of steps
I need to take
from bedroom to the out world
so I don't panic
when I try to escape
from the toaster
which asked me

if I was hungry
or the TV that invited me
to sit down and watch

a show or three
I don't like it when they talk to me
I just want to sit by the window
next to the bed
and lick all those people
walking by

who managed to escape
from their head

yes, he really is crazy but, he's MY crazy and yes, this is close to an actual event... but, I love him :)
May 9

I hope to be so smart
as those that loved
and got a broken heart
I hope to be so honest
and so philosophical
of the hurt put upon us
I hope to be so strong
to move beyond
and not be wrong
I hope to be so armoured
that it never hurts again
just like I always wanted
I hope to be just like you
as you write your heartbreak
in a style so true
One day,
when it all comes due,
One day,
I hope
to be,
just like you

9th May 2014
May 8

when he could no longer
face the outside world
she came to his bedside
built a fortress of covers
under which they could live
a world he was comfortable in
there she will live with him
until he's ready to look outside

May 3

at 3am my fingertips
will slowly drift
across your skin
only because
of the incessant need
to know you exist
laying beside me
I want to crawl inside
and simply hide
at 3am, your skin
is my tether to reality
as my nightmares
slowly begin
to descend
upon me

May 2

She prayed silently
to a god that never listened
and keened softly
into a night that didn't care
she faced another day
in darkness
no sunlight would ever dare
grace her world
with its softness
no ray of sunshine
to light her path
just stumbled steps
leaving her bereft
she was graceless
in her Art
The art of stepping
through a minefield
she tiptoed, flat-footedly
just so she could feel
with tiny little toes
where the the explosions lie
so foolhardily
when she stubbed her foot
she expelled a small sigh
and stepped to the left
and looked to the right
where there should have been
all she saw was the darkness
of an endless Night
and therein lies her dilemma
lost on the battlefields
of someone else's mind
She never knows
which way to tread
knowing her every step
could explode another's

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