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Thanks for the memories that walk away with me!

Thanks for the memories that walk away with me!

Sep 18

Once upon a time
he saw with his fingertips
He saw every word spoken
simply by tracing it

Once upon a time
he felt those words by heart
Then he closed his own
and decided it was time to part

Once upon a time
He never saw her face
he could only be guided
by her rhyme

Once upon a time
He sat listening in rapture
but then he left it
all behind

Once upon a time
he felt what she had wrote

Now he just listens
to the words
stuck in her throat

Once upon a time
he would have pulled the words
from her barely beating chest

Once upon a time
she would have coughed them up
just to sit beside him and rest

Once upon a time
they spoke,
they communicated
on a path that was one mind

Once upon a time
she became mute
He no longer
heard her
because he was blind

Sep 14

I spoke to you in whispers
but you shouted out my shame
My confidence is now just splinters
I can no longer speak your name

At dawn the sun broke my mask
I wore to dance to your tune
Now I'm just a broken mess
for you look down upon as your due

Can we never hear the music again
that was once our beating pulse?
Why is it you're always the one
that sings more quietly than most?

While we blind ourselves
we simply drown with the tide
Echoes of the past reflect only the failures and so shall it always be

Tomorrows promise is a kiss of remorse
just the same, we shall part
Can we leave what was only,
to pretend what never will be?

As you pull me from the depths
I simply leave you waiting
The nightmares will fade
but will the dreams ever again ring true?

So why do we dance to the same old tune?
When the music goes away
do we simply just nod to each other
knowing there's no other day?
At midnight do we excuse ourselves
to slumber separately with our demons?
Or do we simply hold onto
each other
to survive through the next season?

I taste the goodbye upon your lips
I hear our song slowly fade
Can you not simply follow me
to the shore
where new memories could be made?

In bittersweet reprise is our closing
Here do the credits role
Tonight is a moment and it bleeds the memories
Soon only to be pages from our past

Paint this moments portrait,
and stand back, not see the flaws
It is all in the illusion after all

Except for, in the grains of sand
upon which we danced
are the footsteps of our past
just washing away
Do the pages just turn on?
Because if you asked me in the beginning
I would have told you I didn't dance
But you grabbed me and started swaying
without me having a chance
to tell you I can't hear the music
I just move to a certain beat
The illusion is the only thing
that will move me to my feet

Isn't it after all, the flaws,
that will crack
and we will tumble
You may walk away singing,
while I still fumble with the illusion that we danced so pretty
under a fractured moonlight
While I tried to hold onto you
upon a tortured shore
You walked away from me
Leaving me in the dark of night

"So let's sink another drink
Cause it'll give me time to think
If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance
And I'll be dancin' with myself"
~ Billy Idol
nothing gives me greater joy then to pen words with John. He truly is a master of the craft. Thank you bro <3
Sep 8

I like to dance outside in a storm
because the rain
masks my tears
I like to scream in horror movies
because it's an outlet
for my fears
I like to sit in the cold night air
because it warms
my frozen heart
I like to visit your tombstone
because its where the end
should start
I like to lay down in an open field
because the stars
are always brighter there
I like to sing off key in the shower
because it's where no one
would care
I like to kneel in front of you
because it's almost like
Im praying
I'm sorry that I'm saying good bye
but I just don't feel like
I'd like it if the world had more colour
instead of being so
black and white
I'd like to be here again
to say Good Morning
instead I'll just
Good Night

Sep 7

It's not the enormity
of the tragedy
that marks you
a survivor

It's taking that next breath

is survival

Aug 8


When that question
bangs against it's cage
and you can feed it no more
Step lightly into the excuses
for they are demon mired
with artifice and ruses
Demons that lay a coup
just outside your mental door
They litter the floor
with bones of regret
picked clean for their answers
Where they sit, waiting for it
they lay a vigil for second chances
When the whisper floats
softly into your ear
only to rattle inside your head
You will remember, year upon year
It was never anything you did
It was always something you said

Jul 30

You left me in this desolate place
he said
and my eyes reflected the hurt
full of tears unshed
and maybe I did
Maybe I subconsciously
rearranged the universe
so all the hurts in the world
sat upon his head
In his mind
I was his worst enemy
all the while pretending to be
his friend
I am silently trying
to bring about
the end

it hurts to hear you are the problem, not the solution :(
Jul 18

Once it was a place of sorrow
where bathing came from hot tears
warmth barely came from Tomorrow
little thought was give to more years

Where eating was swallowing a truth
that was just sawdust coated in lies
Mirrors simply reflected angry youth
all seen through drug clouded eyes

Upon a bed of razor sharp intentions
She painted a heart upon her chest
from the blood that flowed in rivulets
in the indentations of her weakness
She sighed that she did her best

She found herself upon silvery shores
under an incandescent Sun
hoping that she had evaded the laws
condemning her for what she had done

Head thrown back in a field of dreams
Serenity in her tumultuous gaze
Lips curved gently against the screams
so much clarity in a languid daze

She gently caressed coloured flowers
with hands that had never sought to protect
from the constantly brutal storm showers
that raged when she failed to connect

Where once there was only rain
all she could now feel was dry
Where once she was warped by pain
utter tranquility she could not deny

She rebuilt herself in a different place
in a skin that was as hardened as stone
Where her demons could find no trace
far away from all she had known

she never went home again
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