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Remember this,
To be touched
is not just
Fingertips on skin
Hugs of the soul
are a deeper embrace
They reach beyond
the human face
to see where
you truly begin
~ Helen 26/12/13

'When the time comes
place the coin,
beneath my tongue
so I may pay
Or else my
has scarce begun'
~ Helen 01/12/13
Remember this,
To be touched
is not just
Fingertips on skin
Hugs of the soul
are a deeper embrace
They reach beyond
the human face
to see where
you truly begin
~ Helen 26/12/13

'When the time comes
place the coin,
beneath my tongue
so I may pay
Or else my
has scarce begun'
~ Helen 01/12/13
1 day ago

We met in high school
(I won't count this as a year
but I fear you didn't
remember me as I did you)

I : (1989)
we met again
when your best friend
engaged to mine
I bought the tequila
you bought the limes

II III IV : (1990 -1993)
we dated
on and off
(even though you asked me
to be your bride
1 week after
our friends
engagement party)

V : (1994)
we moved together
to Mackay, away from
your family, great for you,
for mine, I cried

VI:  (1995)
we married
after our Son was born
perhaps you thought
it was time
(I never understood
the delay, I mourned)

VII : (1996)
we struggled
to be partners
and parents

VIII : (1997)
I birthed another Son
we were so happy
Life had
truly begun

IX : (1998)
Two little boys
so opposite
from their
Father and Mother
we still struggled
(but we had each other)

X:  (1999)
You decided your place
in this world
I surprised you
with a trip to Ireland
(you didn't want
to leave your girl,
but you couldn't wait
to meet family)

XI : (2000)
It all fell apart...
minding your own business
on your motorcycle
some stupid driver
ripped you apart

XII XIII XIV (2001 - 2003)
It was just me
paying bills
with no money
feeding kids
on love and honey
endless appointments
with doctors and shrinks
(did anybody think
I'd need a shrink?)
I never blinked, not once

XV : (2004)
You asked for more
another child you said
as affirmation you are not dead
so I bore you a daughter
at 35 ...
(the same year I took you
to the veterinary clinic
to be fixed, well...
it WAS just like
dropping the dog off)

XVI to Present (2005 to Today)
We still struggle
with day to day trouble
but for every year
we survived
I'll give you another,
and a high five

and a
I Love You

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Raygan Keller
Raygan Keller
1 day ago

You say you want to fuck me.
You say that it’s your right.
I said I do and now I don’t,
Something’s wrong with me deep inside.
You’ll fix it by sticking it in.
You’ll envelop me in paroxyms of pleasure,
You’ll change my mood, you’ll change my life.
I’ll be reborn, at peace fulfilled.
I need a good fuck, it will save my soul.
What’s wrong with me is no fucking.

Well, I’ve been fucked by the steward
In the bathroom on the ship.
I’ve been fucked by the doctor before I knew what hit.
I’ve been fucked by the jock on
The trunk of his car.
I’ve been fucked by the soldier
Trying to forget the war.

I’ve been fucked by the musician
Who used the word love.
I’ve been fucked by the devil
Who fucked me up good.
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,
They’ve all pumped it into me.
And in the end it did no good.
My soul still looks to me.

I don’t know how you feel you say.
I do.  You want to fuck.
Your needs must be assuaged you say.
Then take care of business.  I wish you luck.
Listen to the words of the gingerbread man,
Find someone else to fuck.

You can fuck the woman
You can fuck the man
You can fuck the cow
You can fuck the pig
You can shoot your wad
In the deep blue sea.
You can even fuck your mother
But you can’t fuck me!

This poem was written by my mother.  She divorced my father over 30 years ago, and hasn't been with a man since.  She is extremely introverted, completely the opposite of me.   Even though I looked like a mini-her with my blond hair and blue eyes, I was convinced that we were so different, that I must have been adopted.

One day, when I was a  horrible teenager, I decided to go through her things and I found a pile of letters that were mailed to her before I was born, and still sealed.  I only opened one before I knew I did something really terrible, so I tried to glue it back together, hoping she wouldn't notice.  She got pretty upset when she discovered I opened it, but I couldn't help but ask questions.  What is this?  Did you write this?  Why did you send it to yourself?  Is this based on true events?  She shared some of her writing with me that day, and it was then that I knew without a doubt, she made me.

There is a part of her that will be hidden away in the envelopes of poor man's copyright forever.  She is a brilliant writer, an amazing teacher, and her influence is in everything I write.
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1 day ago

stupid Smart phone
just deleted
one of my poems

ahhh fuck

Did I have back up?


Just remember it titled

ahhh fuck!

a popular wording
of how I was feeling
unable reproduce it
word for word

how absurd!
I wanted to read it
Hit delete
It said are you sure?
I said ok

and it went away :(

ahhh fuck!

Think it's time to put these drunken fat fingers to bed... They are obviously no match for a smart phone :(
2 days ago      2 days ago

We make each other bleed
Searching for tenderness
Once it was need
Twice it was loneliness

On the edge of a knife
I ask for forgiveness
So much is Life
So many things are death

I see the horizon hazing
into the Sun a gazing
Your love, amazing
Six guns a blazing

I stand before you, true
Reality is a fantasy
Never would I want it for you
Intimacy is just a fallacy

Take shelter from the harm
I see you where you stand
Ignore the calloused palm
Please, take my hand

This song will never end
It's not like I would deny
If we part as just friends
I'm the one who will die

Now, read it backwards :)
2 days ago

was your God the one
who took my Daddy away?
He wasn't very old...

was your God the one
that sat next to the orphan
who didn't pray
and mocked them
because they had nobody left?
Was it your God that took them?

Do you allow your God
his dirty work
and let him take
all the accolades
for War and Famine
and Pestilence
and Hatred
and just say
It's his way,
his right, by his design
as the Divine?

Was it your God
that intervened
in the alley
where there was a scream
where just a little girl
grew up way too fast
but brutally
she didn't last
until the next day
to understand
what it all means

He didn't intervene!

There was no intervention!
Stuttered prayers
from broken lips
fell like glass
onto uncaring concrete
shattering beneath feet
that shuffled past
one who prayed
but at the last
lost faith
in a
that just sits
on his arse
and asks for praise
but could not even raise
a finger
in benevolence

That's why I will never pray

Ask and you shall receive


Ask all you like, what you give to the Universe, you get back, imaginary playthings, give nothing!

Just my thought on that...

This is possibly going to come back to bite me, but you can't convince me to give and give and give in the Name of someone and see no good back... You just can't... I capitalised out of respect, not sure why they deserve it...
2 days ago

maybe you
what your mouth
can do

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