Blank pages
The way everything begins
Is fiction mocking reality? Or is it the other way around?
Who fucking cares
Everybody is looking for themselves
I look in the mirror and I see I'm there
Understand the trick
Is not about finding
It is about creating
We, the people are the masters of imagination
Lack the truth and realization
Hoping someone else comes and gives us answers
Underestimating our peace of mind
Freedom is in our blood
Our heart pumping, our veins running
Cells made of stardust
In this nonsense
I want to make my own revolution
I dont need a god I only need to love
Free living, running, and dancing
Understanding I am this world
And this world is I
We dont co-exist we are simply one.

Freedom from my mind
This is why I write for
Fancy words are for the academic
Rhymes are for the educated ear
Or the musician
Poems are for the romantics and the sentimentalist
Words and a paper
Are meant for the caged bird
Dreams of flying
I portray in my words
This is the way I survive
Emotions, feelings
Crying and laughter
Play on the background of my notes

Crystal bones
breaks with a single touch
Thick muscle heart
Smile full of life
Or full of lies
It doesnt matter
Whatever you want
You will oblige
Your wish is her command
Everybody falls in love with the broken girl
Empty holes fills your needs
Not knowing who she is
Make her yours to be
Always looking for a home
Not knowing she is whole
Her weakness, your strength
That hole is your fucking doll
She tries hard to please
make everybody freel at ease
Mistaking it for love
she doesn't find her place
everything falls

I miss you in places we've never shared
I miss you in every other face
Somebody told me this is a boring mistake
but this sentence burns inside my lungs
doesn't let me breathe
I need the smell of your hair
where my head decides to rest
I need you to hug me thight
mostly at night
I thought it was your hand that kept touching mine
it turns out it was only his
I didn't wanted closed to mine
the touch of another hand makes me cringe
makes me want to go crawling, begging back to you
But i wont do it,
I'll find a way to erase you.
Then the night comes the stars are dancing
My bed gets crazier
My head is dizzy and I meet you once again in my dreams
Always kissing you
Erase my memory
Let this pain fade away
because my love I know one thing
Love does not end this way
it does not end this fast
if you don't love me like I do
Take all of what you gave me
Keep all of what I gave you
And forgive me
for every way I try to forget you
I wont be fair in my despair
I never was
Its too hard my pain to handle
I cant get on my knees if you wont hug me
I just have to watch you go
Slip away as my favorite season
You wont kiss my neck anymore

I try to write you a song
But I had writers block
No words on my mind
I see them all in your eyes
Maybe you can say them at loud
Give them back to me
I will make you a gift
Full of joy and peace
Songs, poems or a letter
Sensitive skin
I would love to hold your knee
Your head back looking at the stars
Flying holding hands
There's no ceiling in our minds
Vibes and sparks
Connecting us
Making us one

#love   #you   #me  

Even though we fight the worst
Love does not end this fast
I dont want you back
But I still love you to the bones
You are the meanest and the sweetest
Im the craziest and a cuddler
Forever I'll have you on my skin
Some nights I'll visit you in your dreams

#love   #always   #forever  

You died today
and I was born again
I have never breathe this fresh air
Your heart turn into ashes
And your memories fade away
Flying like black birds
They had nothing new to sing
I felt no sorrow
not a single tear running through my cheeks
Suddenly I smiled again
Love was inside me all along
as I kept pushing it away
It hugged me and whispered in my ear
You have always been free
Far behind I heard your sarcastic laugh
As soon I realized
there was nothing more to lose and everything for me to win

#love   #freedom   #death  
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