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Poetry is my I express what I can't say and I can write it here in anyway
Poetry sets my free and lets everyone else see the true me
so I hope those that read my poems will enjoy them and will write ones of their own and give me feedback on them so I know what people think
thank you for the likes and followers and feedback
Poetry is my I express what I can't say and I can write it here in anyway
Poetry sets my free and lets everyone else see the true me
so I hope those that read my poems will enjoy them and will write ones of their own and give me feedback on them so I know what people think
thank you for the likes and followers and feedback
Austin Barker
Austin Barker
4 days ago

hand in hand
sun and moon
their in constant unison
hot and cold lovers hand in hand
one can not leave the other
for another
and they have no father or mother
no sister or brother
for them there is no others
they are nothing more than the world's
first eternal lovers
and their love is beyond words
they show us what love is really worth
and they have done it since their birth
in this we find
love of the purest kind

Angels go unseen by most people
some may seem evil
but if you look deep below the surface
you'll see more than a pretty face
you might just see a heart of gold
and gloriously pure soul
i found my Angel she set me free
to be just me
and I have fallen again but this time i have my wings
and I still have that Angelic voice to sing
just what she means to me
she broke my chains
this Angel helped me change
into the man i am supposed to be
she doesn't know how much she means to me
words cant describe
how high she makes my heart fly
but in time I hope that eternity
well let this Angel see
what she means to me
she brought a Lost and broken Angel home
and made him known
never to be alone at last
she understands his past
he is finally home
never to be alone
look for your Angel
and you shall see
exactly what I mean

Rose that's her name
and she is the woman that i gave
all my heart,mind,body,soul and love
she says that i have given her enough
and words cant express how she makes me feel
and losing her hurts enough to kill
shes says her heart i did steal
and she is mine and i am hers
she is happy and loved forevermore
there is so much more in store in this life
and i pray she will stay mine
only love, devotion ,and time shall tell me
what we together shall be and until that
time i say this Blessed my wonderful Rose Be

Angels and Demons are forbidden to love one another
but love is a magical thing and it can smother
those binding actions between the two
then that love starts to grow into something beautiful
that love becomes a Rose
one most precious of all the flowers
this forbidden love is one that never sours
and it can not be locked away in any tall tower
Then one day these lovers decide to runaway
and learn to live another way
These lovers are enough for each other
Demons and Angels they're perfect for one another
they change and morph and create the Forbidden Rose of Love between the two of them to spend together in eternity
man wonder what that kind of love would be
if man kind could make such a wonderful luscious thing
many have tried and failed
but some have made it to that forbidden scale
I for one have made it and fight for it each day
and my Love for My Miss Rose will never fade
This Shadow prays that you too can have a love like this one day
all you have to do is find that one that seems forbidden to you
and take away the road blocks
and vuala you have that Rose
the one these two lovers chose

People say that the dark is dangerous
the dark it hides things that are strange to us
but the dark just shows what the light doesn't
there are always to sides to the world
but you cant have one without the other
and light doesn't always mean that it is a good thing
Light can be dangerous and make your weary
for some the dark is peaceful
and it keeps their secrets
for others monster and demons steam from it
but it is up to the individual to choose
light and dark are inside both me and you
I chose to be in the dark
but my heart is of light
and I guide others through the dark of life
will you be the light and create the darkness
Light and Dark which one is you and which one has your heart become
and which one will you give people that don't know how to have enough

The human mind can be kind
and it can be confined
the mind says that it is just fine
the human mind can lose all track of time
but the mind can also be dangerous
and it can have things that are contagious
but you have to realize that this mind
is a wonder thing most of the time
it shows us how to love
and how to be enough
and how to trust one another
sometimes we seem to smothered
by it
like an itch that you cant scratch
or a dream that you cant catch
but its alright
because you have to except that in time
your mind will find
someone who is like you and that loves you
and most thing that its true love too soon
the end up with a broken heart
some get it right from the start
its a miracle for some  
Love that I have now seems like miracle
and its crystal you know
I pray that i never see the end of it
but there is someone else and i wander if i can love them both
could i have them both to hold
my mind thinks it has an answer
at this time in life I swear
i hope that My Goddess is fair
but only my mind and
time itself will tell
whatever the choice made
ill be enough for the one that stays with me
and forevermore ill be all i can be

Austin Barker
Austin Barker
Dec 15, 2016

There are those in the world that know not of love
those people can't see the angels from above
so they go through life and most lose their fight
I say that's just not right
so I've opened my wings in flight
I hope will inspire others to be that light
at the end of the tunnel
their hearts fall apart
and they don't know where to start
so they try everything
but nothing works how can that be
no one can be alone in this life
so show them that we are Angels
and show them that they to can take flight
show them how to dance
and how to take a chance
because every step you take
is another move in your dance
of life and there is someone up above
watching your show
and waiting to take you from the depths below
but till then those that are lost
and are paying the cost
without know how to love
let us show them how
show them the power
the blessings that they seek
and that they need
and all I can say is Blessed Be The Ones in the Darkness
and let them show you they way
they'll show you to sway to the music
and how to use it
Blessed Be The Ones in the Dark

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