Jul 13, 2011

I knew a hardy tree in a pleasant town
it stood crooked but firm through all its hardships
we conversed often when I was able
it shared ancient beauty and I brought only silence
this tree would bloom to summers delight
in winter it fought a good fight
to befriend a tree is an easy thing
just breath its life and live its breath

Jul 13, 2011

She has diamonds in her eyes,
that sparkle as the sun sets.
In the violet evenings,
they feed on her regrets.

She wipes away the diamonds,
with gentle, soothing hands.
Saving them as currency,
to use in uncharted lands.

Jul 13, 2011

A lightning bug burns
a hole in the sky
leaving a trail of ozone
for all those passing through

Jun 30, 2011

i cannot write of you
for you are in the past
i am in the present
i have not hindsight
nor foresight
in my past you shall remain
worry not
for out futures are bound
to the same

Jun 30, 2011

Will the ashes of broken dreams speak,
great and horrifying kindness to me,
ask shall those in favor forfeit all rights
with being not of mind, would they?

They would mind of not being,
with rights all forfeit, favor in
those shall ask me to kindness,
horrifying and great, speak
broken dreams, of ashes the will

Sep 26, 2010

it is cold outside
i stay in to keep warm
the warmth eludes me still

i can see the sun shining
but it is the sun of winter
hazy, gray, distant
a dead sun with cold rays

i wrap myself in layers
an attempt to fight the cold
all see my warmth on the outside

yet i am not warm
my layers have held the cold in
i fight to peel them off
they are heavy and my arms weak
the cold digs deeper

Sep 22, 2010

last night i tried to make a cake
but everything went wrong
the baking soda would not take
and the salt was way too strong

i did my best to eat a piece
though it really made me gag
my stomach screamed cease
so i found a wretched hag

she only took one bite
and all she got was leaven
there was a flash of light
and she followed it to heaven

the army got wind of this event
and they made me an offer
if i baked til the enemy was spent
i would surely be an officer

i learned that perfection
is not always best
especially when you make a confection
that won't pass the test

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