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I use poetry to explore a science that can't be seen.

Latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5otI0EYcr5w
I use poetry to explore a science that can't be seen.

Latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5otI0EYcr5w
4 days ago

One thing I learned
in my long college career
is that
I don't know a thing

I cannot read minds
nor fix this world
I still fall back to
broken poetry

I learned to source
and spell kinda right
I learned to cheat
when I didn't study

The place to be
we thought as youth
though in this life
it's a choice we choose

for where you desire to be
is but a figment of this reality
a plan so mismal
to the burning sun

What faith you lack,
oh guilty one
on this track of life
you chose death!

In this college degree
I learned what it means to see
not through intellect
but through emptiness

Poetry flows like gentle tides
before a hurricane
her sandy shores

Three jumps left
and two jumps right
the lord she speaks
and I follow

Milk moonlight of divine delight
silky sheets of satin rose
nerves underneath
emit electricity
and birth

Lovers in my past
don't leave my mind
their faces exist
etched in time

Fall like a stone
through deep blue waters
fall to the blackness
and the dark sea's wonders

thin skin, a lighted hook
neon guppies glitter
in florescent
store light

Take heed when he calls
for the depressed ones
in your life
call out...

Always help
those in need
for you never know
when you, it could be

Solomon wrote
songs and poetry
they flowed from his fingers
as divine symphony
of what does this teach you of women?
Solomon had the most
of any man

Be true to yourself
and your dreams will come
not the dreams you've planned
but the one's- you stumble upon

A gentle tickle, a sudden pulse of electric energy
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Mar 14

In a crowd looking out
my love, the world
under a waterfall
of milky moonlight

I am but a star
in a constellation of many
her, the world
my heart's captor

though as bright as I shine
my light is in vain
her, the world
only sees the sun

Perhaps a dream
will guide my way
or your bluish glance
will connect with me

her, the world
my heart's captor
seas of splendor
and curves of heaven

I know one day
you'll come to see
that I the star,
am plain to see

a sun up close,
for now i'm far

my light will kiss
your delicate face
where life resides
and birth awaits

these chapters come
and soon will go
for this I know
our time will come

oh, to be
just like the sun
warming your skin
of saharan mud

oh my love,
of blue and green
I pray to you
that you'll look to me

Saturn's rings
just don't contend
nor Mar's skin
of reflection's charm

a planet amongst many
from far away I see
though my light
my love,
is always yours

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Mar 11

I saw death,
no angels singing
nor plumes of hades

Energy relaxes
leaving spiritless flesh

No romance,
like that of a grim reaper
or noble feats on a cross

an evaporating mist

I saw death,

no strength I gained
but a feeling of shame

It's strange,
this feeling of immortality


we, the animated skeletons
of humanity

It's simplicity really,
there's no magic in death

#life   #illness   #end   #dark   #away   #mourning   #nurse   #haunted   #hospital   #nursing  

and time being our greatest asset
what do we do with it?
pass it around like a bag of
it eases the pain but puts time
out of joint.

Let's face it
time is curved like space it
comes back
doesn't it?

Don't we recapture those
moments when rapture was
moments away?

Play time
school time
home time
work time and time
to grow old
with a mouthful of

Feb 19

I take the route
of no resistance,
oceanic embrace

turns here and there,
baby don't fear
I live above and

Though if love is a rock
I will go around,
to find truth
in wholeness

to the ocean I go,
water I am

Flow with the current of life, to the destination of wholeness.
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Feb 16

I live in a dying vessel

#sacrifice   #red   #clock   #paper   #blade   #glass   #mortality   #gray   #news  
Feb 13

I don't write to pretend i'm deep,
I just am

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