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Zoe Apr 2022
Midnight moon, she

used to come

with such exuberance

as if it were the start of the day
or at least
an adventure
that we could write off
as stories to the midnight sky.

And then

so quickly

too quickly

the midnight moon hailed
a darkness of night
like a succubus
preaching familiar words
with an unfamiliar hate
ready to absolve you
of your daily sins
if only you give in to the temptation
of *****-soaked venom
that she promises
the sun
will sanitize.

And the sun, he
never does.

He just
basks you in last night's
mistakes, keeps them
warm and cozy for your reveries
and casts his heat
as a reminder

you cannot escape
the moon, for her light source
is the sun

and midnight comes
Still working on this.
Zoe Mar 2022
it is okay
that you are
if it is okay
that i am
Zoe Mar 2022
your eyes
when you look at me,
they are hard
to describe.

they do not
squint, they do not
harden, they do not
narrow, they

somehow tighten but
in mirth, yet
still with sadness, and
it's sadness at me

as if i give you
Joy and Pain
as burdens to bear
as a gift unexpected
but necessary, once
you understood the undertaking,
accepted its presence.

not quite a
white elephant
but almost.

and your eyes, they almost
overbrim with kindness, and so
i must worry
that maybe you are sad
because you see
that soon
you can no longer be kind to me.

maybe the Joy brought
the mirth but
the Pain brought
the sadness and
maybe you are saying
the bargain-basement version
of The Words to me
because you know that to say
anything more
will make the future parting
that you have planned
than having not heard the words
at all.

and maybe you could carry
both the Joy
and the Pain
for a while, but soon
they will become
too heavy.

and you will lighten your load
by gifting me back
to the world that gave me to you.
Zoe Mar 2021
Fangs aren't required
to tear into meat.
Blunt teeth and hidden molars
do just fine.
It may take more
more mulling over
the dead thing
in your mouth,
but eventually
you will savor and devour it,
and swallow it down,
forgetting after the last gulp
about the life you just
Zoe Mar 2021
I pretend like I keep watch
over the lion cubs
for their sake
and maybe
I do
but maybe I want
the tiger
to notice me
Zoe Mar 2021
we write poetry
in different
yours in
and mine in
Zoe Dec 2019
did you know
is bright red
if it seeps
from the skin?

i quite enjoy it.
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