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zm Apr 15
I'll let you rest your head on my chest

so that we both can sleep sound

through the night.

zm Feb 11
I wish I could've guarded my heart more;
could've guarded it longer.
or at least killed it when you shot an
arrow right through the center.

zm Jan 22
we are drawn to those
           who don't care about us

zm Jan 21
look into my eyes
and tell me all of your sin
I wish to know the itch
that festers underneath your skin
I want to know your flaws
the ones you try to hide
the ones you cannot keep,
in my head they can reside.
For I need to understand you
and the trouble you have seen
because everyone has a story
of where we we're going

and where we've been.

zm Jan 18
she takes my hand and guides me
through the debris of my broken essence.
she gathers me into a warm blanket,
and nestles me into the nook of her side;
her hand guiding my face to hers
as she gently kisses my forehead,
leaving a trace of absolution and
contentment in my once scattered mind.
her eyes glisten with the security
of a new day, a new opportunity
and it is here that I feel
safe from my unimportance
in the world.
from my unimportance to

she draws me near her boundless heart,
lays my head on her lap and gently affirms
"my baby,
there's nothing that momma's love can't fix"

zm Jan 16
I wish loving myself was
as easy as loving you

to put myself above

zm Jan 15
play your mind games
and I will follow
make it my fault
when you are the one
controlling the pegs.

but it's fine,
because I'm loosing either way

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