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Zigmaz F Aug 2016
I was a side dish
Being served unwillingly
Split open with a 6 inch dagger
Torn apart inside and out
You were able to reach in
Tug at my heart
Rip me apart right from the core
Then left the remains sprawled out
A ***** mess
Laid out dead center in front of me
Rotting away
For weeks, months, years
Degrading over time
Until there was nothing left
But an empty dish
Ready for a cleansing revival
Just waiting for the next wholesome serving.
Zigmaz F Aug 2016
I lie awake here at now 4 a.m.
My thoughts lead me back to the last time we met
And I think about how I savored every minute
And in those very short moments
I held onto you, so dear to my heart
I looked at you, admiring your beauty
I looked at you and admired your presence
I looked at you with happiness
I looked at you with undeniable love
I looked at you and felt pain
I looked at you and felt sorrow
I looked at you, one last time
And I'm not even sure if you saw the tears that I shed
Or knew what I was going through
I knew you were leaving
I knew it was going to be the last time
I'd ever have that personal experience with you
So I stored that memory in the back of my mind
Because I knew
You were never coming back
Even though you assured me you would
I know that feeling
All too well
Just didn't think it was ever going to have to be felt with you.
Zigmaz F Aug 2016
Bodies hugging,
Our souls become intertwined.
Energies spiral throughout,
Forces create desirable sensations.
A squeeze pulls us closer,
Love gravitates,
And wraps itself around my heart.
Our soulful connection
Present in the moment
Planted in time
Makes its way for renewal
Each time we connect.
Zigmaz F Aug 2016
You were such a beautiful person
Before you conformed
Into the society that of which supersedes you
Zigmaz F Aug 2016
Buy the ticket
Take the ride
Choose your path
Walk the line
I ain't lying
Come with me
You shall see
Out of zone
Out of touch
Let's skip a level
Just for the rush
Zigmaz F Aug 2016
A moment of realization...
An awakening of the soul guides me into an explicit visualization...
Our togetherness has proposed its final course within the mission
Your hand is no longer in mine and our souls become separated
Like a yellow flower earth nail carried along throughout open space
We are drifting away from each other

A final strain grips my heart with a dismal pain
Followed with tears of joy
I begin to feel gratitude for the emanation of our mind and soul expansion
I find appreciation for the personal transformation that has defined us with higher purpose

As the thoughts of us slowly dissipate into memories
I sense a completion, a bliss experience
I pronounce a fare thee well to the good times we've shared
Positioning them in balance towards a peaceful and harmonious state
And declare an acceptance of what has and will rightfully become.
Zigmaz F Aug 2016
Sometimes I wonder...
Do you ever actually think of me
Do I ever cross your mind
In time
Any day or everyday
And if you do,
And if you did,
Can I maybe
Just see a sign?
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