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Zephyr Jun 2015
The flames lick the wood, yet it does not catch fire
A drop of water occasionally falls from the leaves above, still wet from yesterday's rain.

Headphones cover the ears of a girl who is tired of listening

The hammock slowly rocks back and forth, it's motion so slight one hardly notices

The music blares on as her anger slowly diminishes while tears fall

Smoke floats by on a zephyr.

The embers gradually cool and the pulsing glow disappears into black ash
Zephyr Nov 2014
Each passing day is spent
With an early awakening
Followed by another morning realizing nothing fits right
And straight off towards the long right hallways
Clogged with moving obsticles on the racecourse for rushing from class to class
Blocks of time set aside to try to stay awake
A short break is offered at lunch where there is a quick relief
Then it's off to the mad races again

Shipped home I'm left grabbing quick food
and spending the hours that stretch into the night in solitude

Despite it all life seems great.
Friends accompany in the mad dashes, and offer much-needed laughs

But it's just a matter of time until something cracks
I can already feel the fissure forming on the fragile stone walls
The clock is slowly counting down to self distruct
I think this is going to be the weekend where it all crumbles
Zephyr Nov 2014
Lately I've been chasing an impossible dream.
The dream that things actually work out.

I've had my taste of what life could be like,
Surrounded by great friends, a guy I actually have a chance with
It was all too good to be true

Everything has sunken into a void of nothingness.
I talk too much about myself but there's nothing else to say
Won't someone else please bring up something to talk about?

He has grown distant and I don't know how to act.
Something happened one day and it all changed
That weekend had been perfect but here it never happened

Everything was too good to be true
Nothing was meant to last

The cycle begins again,
I can see it all drift away
not true, my friends are amazing but now and then I wonder what will happen if anything changes in the slightest.
Zephyr Dec 2013
I have so much to say that I fear if I let myself talk
word will just spill out like a never ending river
Whether anyone listens doesn't matter
It's just writing is never enough,
if I attempted to write all I wanted to say
I would never stop writing

But for now I'll just keep patiently asking questions
the words inside building up
You make me want to tell you my life story and thoughts in everything. But that would be annoying so I'll just stay.
Zephyr Dec 2013
All I ever want to do is make you smile

I'm so sorry for bringing up a painful past
You deserved better from her, but I should've thought through trying to talk like I knew what to say
Zephyr Nov 2013
The more you understand how school works, and not just like "ew, I don't like homework" the more you realize what a scam it is. You work for grades, that doesn't even show if you actually understand the subject. And then you have to learn a TON of stuff you seriously will never use. I understand music, English, biology(for me because of doctor stuff) and math(to a very certain degree) and speech and Spanish.

However, we have to learn stuff about parabolas which you only use if you are an engineer or scientist(maybe) and then we waste hours of our life just sitting in a classroom and studying instead of bring out in the world making a difference, which is what I want to do.

And grades... If someone gets c or a b are they stupid? Maybe they just knew they would never use this Information and didn't try, being smart and living instead of wasting hours if their short life. Parents know that grades aren't good measurements, and yet they put so much emphasis on them! Because they, *** this is so stupid, they DETERMINE our whole future!!!! Why aren't we worrying about the kids in drugs and *** and in gangs??? But no, we have to worry for your future that you got a b on a test.

Please tell me how that makes any sense!
I know this  isn't poetry, I apologize, but this is some thing I feel people should truly understand. I was just writing this in my journal but decided to share. Thanks for reading the whole thing :)
Zephyr Nov 2013
Maybe someday I'll figure myself out
Emerge from this muddled state of mind
With some form of understanding
of where I am going,
What my destination is
What my intended purpose is

But for now I'm wandering
through this infinate maze in my mind
where each dead end is a new idea or emotion
I have no idea what I'm doing with my life or what I'm going to, but I have two small goals, so I guess that's a start...
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