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Zenobia Feb 2010
You tell me you love me
I wish it where true
You tell me you've missed me
I use to miss you

When you walked out the door
I thought I would cry
But you just kept right on walking
Without saying,  good-bye
So now that you've come back
It isn't the same
With you it was only just a game
I once truely loved you
But that was before
Now you say you love me
It doesn't matter anymore

Cause you fooled me once
Shame on me
May think you can fool me twice
But this time the games won't be nice
From me
I can forgive, but not forget
Once is enough of your ****

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 10-13-1982
Zenobia Feb 2010
In this global world we live
We must be vigilant to each nation's intentions
Of how we want to be perceived
With our gun's holding claim to defeat
Or with our hearts pouring out
To save lives we must reach
Even to the unconvinced dictaor who speaks
Of our kindness being to bleak

Who our we justifying  any war for
The people of the world
Or the people for oil
To be less concern of it's soil
That spills out into
It's peoples troubled waters
To Freedoms and Liberty's
Managing the Peace within it's citites

Least we not forget

Zenobia Feb 2010
Life is a blessing
Life is about changes
Life is worth having on any given day
Life is struggles along the way

If there our times when your feeling blue
Be thankful, for God is always blessing you
With the possibilities that you can make a change
It never has to be the same
To believe in your own future that you hold
In your hands, the real story can be told

Life is a blessing
Life is about changes
Life is worth having on any given day
Life is struggles along the way

Open up your mind to be free
Of lifes challenges that you'll come to see
Everyday, is to put your best foot forward
To give your best, that it doesn't seem to be all hopeless
When you know you've given your all
Then it won't hurt so bad, if you seem to fall

Life is a blessing
Life is about changes
Life is worth having on any given day
Life is about struggles along the way

For each opportunity that occurs
Life is a blessing
With each step you take
Life is worth having on any given day
Be proud of  your self worth
Life is about struggles along the way

God is guiding you to the right pathway

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710- 12/7/02
Zenobia Feb 2010
Take a short cut, through life
By Arrogance
By Cheating
By Stealing
By Denying
By Domestic Abuse
By Greed
By ****
By Drug Wars
By Racsim
By Lying
By Killing
By Poverty
By Deception

The list goes on...

Be Mindful By Restoring
By Honoring the Integrity
Of the People
Cause Life Is Worth Living

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 2/1/10
Zenobia Feb 2010
I've heard it said
We're only vistor's here on earth
That our real home is up in Heaven
If You Believe
When things said true or untrue
Then is it the rightous who are barely saved
What chance will the Godless have

Be careful
Watch out for attacks from those
Who our the greatest of enemies with no soul
Their on the prowl
Like hungry roaming lions
Looking for victims to tare apart
Standing firm with their own beliefs and goals

Stand up and trust
In God
He's the true strength to getting us through
Any and all storms
When one of us around the world is attacked
It affects us all in suffering  
Go and stand up for courage
Not with Fear
Surrender it in God's Hands

Raise your thought of consciousness
The core of Peace is near
The enemy of Fire
Be ****

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 1/31/10
Zenobia Jan 2010
We've crossed the road into teenage haste
Generation gap
With confusion, harum scarum, mistrust, disparity
Not knowing who to listen or follow
Family, or so called, not your friends
You keep thinking we the parents our your enemy
When we only try to teach you
Embrace you with the facts of life
Are life, Are love has been
No More, No Less  
You know we given the best lessons of life
But it's your choice to make it right
You can't keep trying to keep pushing
Not expect to get pushed back
We our your parents
Not your friends
My word as your parent is bond
Don't take and misstep
Out of your place
Cause even though
Still you're moving around to find the right direction
The wrong direction will be probation officers
In your face
Think long and hard of the identity you want to choose
One time, two times, three times
You Lose
I'm just talking and giving tough love
All can be remove
With your last desire
To breathe free air
Your wake up call could be
Being locked up
In the streets with a dare
Bang, Bang, you're dead

So can we sit down without a lot of frustration
Talk things over
Everything changes in life
Nothing stays the same for long
Soon you'll be an adult
To make the choice
If they are wrong or right
Just don't make them now
Preferably not ever
Strange day's of a teenage life
Doesn't stay the same
One thing I do know
God doesn't put us here
On Earth
Without a purpose or a plan

Zenobia Jan 2010
Tragedy may strick us at any given day
Take life as a chest full of treasure
Bless it in your own way
Give, Live, Love and Breathe
The best that's within you
Cause you may not see truth
Through the mirror that may distort the future
With eye's closed, you may fall
With your eye's wide open
Theres truth that we can't deny
Selfishness, Foolishness, Greed, Hatred
We all our not perfect
Each of us have choice to make and to take
In what we say and do
Just remember one thing
God is watching you  
Be not judge by your habit of choice
Let the habit of choice be your salvation

(upwc) 2010 Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710   1-15-2010
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