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Beloved brother
Caring son
It's a shame your gone
Your life wasn't done

Wether playing hockey
Or fighting a fire
You gave it your all
A truly great desire

Life as we know it
Will never be the same
For the rest of our years
Will shall honor your name

Always helping others
With the lives you transform
We will remember you always
The Perfect Storm
You will be in our hearts forever.
The Perfect Storm!

~ Z Morsette ~
Our old life-style
Was fun no doubt
Now I'm in jail
And I feel left out

It's all my fault
I'm not blaming you
I keep ******* up
It's just what I do

You won't ever care
And now I see why
When it comes to my life
I don't even try
Love you KK. One of these days huh?
~ Z Morsette ~ ©2016
With this drug in my life
I find there's no hope
So it's time to quit
Time to give up the dope

When I use this drug
I continue to fail
I won't waste my life
Sitting in jail

When I look in the mirror
I hate my I see
I've become someone else
This can not be me

**** ruined my life
Destroyed who I was
All so that I
Could catch a quick buzz
~ Z Morsette ~ ©2016
If you want to try
The twinkling ice
Pause for a minute
Let me give you advice
It will ruin your life
So you better think twice
And if you play with fire
You will pay the price
~ Z Morsette ~ ©2016
When it comes to my dad
I know I've let him down
So this life style of mine
I must turn around

When it comes to myself
I have no self respect
So I have to start fresh
In every aspect

When it comes to my mom
She doesn't know what to think
Every time that I'd see her
I was gone in a blink

When it comes to my life
I choose the wrong path
I let **** take control
And it showed me it's wrath

When it comes to the future
I'm going to choose a new way
So I just might live
To fight another day
The struggle is real. ****.
~Z Morsette~ ©2016
The Master
Of Disaster

Right Hand
To the ******

Plaguing Death
Called Crystal ****
These last couple years have been a journey. At least now I have realized one thing. Now to practice what I preach.
~ Z Morsette ~ ©2016
Sitting here
Stuck here

Giving up
Giving in

Loosing her
Loosing us
I miss us KK. We are not the same people we were and that makes me really sad. I'll love you forever girl. You will always be my best friend.
~ Z Morsette ~ ©2016
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