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Doshi Jun 7
Hammered on the wall
a once-rebellious girl
looks out
Sun-up, sun-down
there she hangs
with an apathetic gaze
that mimics mine
when I look at the man
lying next to me
A little aged, dusty
but mostly the same
still vibrant
on the outside

A prudent investment
at first glance
turned constant reminder
of wanting
something different
Undoubtedly it's time
for a change
I guess I'll just sell
the painting.
Doshi May 29
some deem it poison
others freedom
chemical concoction
come for me
comfort me, quickly
with a gentle caress
so I can see
what comes next
Doshi Apr 17
hazelnut crunch
salted pretzel
extra dark chocolate
burnt caramel drizzle
A satisfaction unmatched
lingers on my tongue
a shame I ate the last one
Doshi Apr 16
The good thing
about aging is
receiving fewer calls
that command decoration
of an otherwise dull
daily routine.
Details of
the made-up cake I ate,
an extravagant meal.
Dreaded jokes
about added wisdom
fooling no one;
we're all just feigning, fading.
Over and over again.
So ordinary.  

Let's be honest.
There's only been one change
since that last conversation
exactly a year ago -
a heavier number.
One more ring in this stump
that awaits its demise,
its call-to-fame.
Cut down one day
put to use
shredded to paper;
transformed into
another dollar-pizza box
like the one I just stuffed
into an overflowing Manhattan trash can.
Doshi Apr 11
let's stay horizontal
off each other's sweat
and wholesome lies.
Doshi Apr 11
lay on top of me
until its safe
Doshi Apr 11
Change jobs every two years
cities every four
partners intermittently.
Permanence is a setback,
can't you see?
Commitment is for
the boomers.

Seek triumph
and a hint
of CBD.
Remember, social capital
adds value.

Remain slightly tilted
just a few degrees
and always on the prow
for better.
don't request.
You're entitled to even more
than you think.
facetious advice for the millennial way
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