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Doshi Jan 29
She listens
but does she care
the woman who's always there
a peeping Tom, interrupting as she wishes
like your drunk aunt at Christmas
unaware and incoherent
doing her best nonetheless
Doshi Oct 2023
Let's talk more about nothing
See where it takes us
From the bed to the couch to the floor
I'll explore your bumps and bruises
But won't dare hold your hand
Cover your body in kisses
And pretend I'll never care
Doshi Jul 2023
Envelop me in your octopus arms
Tickle me with your tresses
And I'll worship you 'til my days are gone
And my sorrows undone
Doshi Jul 2023
Lend a hand
your touch, a tender rave
Lay with me
let's bathe in ecstasy
Doshi May 2023
Tomorrow I'll rid my sheets of you
but today, I breathe you in one last time
fill my lungs with those nebulous lies
Puff puff pass, to the lucky one
who's next?
Doshi Mar 2023
I was drawn to you
Was it the conversation,
Irish accent,
or just Le Labo?
Doshi Mar 2023
You may have lit the match
but I had already poured
gasoline all over the floor
Darling, we were only
meant to unite in smoke
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