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Aug 2020 · 50
Sasha Aug 2020
the mourning never stops
one moment they're here
and the next they're not
the sound of it still ringing in our ears
the weight of our loved ones on our shoulders
and in our hearts
funerals for the living
and weddings for the dead
broken memories scattered across the city
waiting to be fetched
bricks that have forgotten their past
faces with no will to laugh
damp from the flow of tears
mothers wishing they were in those coffins instead
now every bit of the air smells of death
and glued to that throne
the grim reaper has yet to take his last breath
May 2020 · 63
without you
Sasha May 2020
a concept so foreign to me

my first love
first kiss, first touch
one moment you're my everything
and the other you're not
Jan 2020 · 593
Sasha Jan 2020
you took the life out of me
stripped me to the bone
and i let you

now i lay before you
black and white
Jan 2020 · 72
the beginning of the end
Sasha Jan 2020
there he goes
leaving me with nothing
but the sorrow
that now accompanies our memories

they tell us life moves on
but how long will it take for us to catch up with it?
4 verses followed by 2 because your departure reduced me to half
Dec 2019 · 413
Sasha Dec 2019
oh won't you help me out?

i can't make up my mind!

do i want to kiss you
or look at your eyes?

for the rest of our lives.
Aug 2019 · 78
Sasha Aug 2019
here i am
crying again
over time that has passed
when i wished i was older

blaming myself
as if time were a person
that i could stop
from leaving me too soon

but what can my tears do now
that the greatest scientists
have not done yet

i can only hope my younger self
is proud
Jun 2019 · 94
Sasha Jun 2019
forgive me
for not listening
to what you were saying

i was too busy
in your autumn eyes
Apr 2019 · 114
Sasha Apr 2019
sitting in the dark
you were here
with just enough light in the room
to show me your tear
you were murmuring something
i couldnt hear
but i understood what you meant
even if it was unclear
i tried to hold your hand
you just disappeared

it was this very moment that i feared

i yell
i cry in despair

please let this be a nightmare
because ill die if i lose you

i swear
Apr 2019 · 499
Sasha Apr 2019
i pray
the day
i'll look at you
as you express
your love to me
will never come
Feb 2019 · 339
somebody else
Sasha Feb 2019
I want to believe
That it's the night
That's making me think I still love you
When I'm with somebody else

I want to believe
That tomorrow morning
You'll mean nothing to me
And I won't forget that I love somebody else

I want to stop believing
That your poems are about me
And that you still love me
Because now you love somebody else
Mar 2018 · 294
Sasha Mar 2018
heard that word
after so long
'she's a nerd'
oh how i was harmed

i thought i was old
too old to be bullied
too old to cry

but apparently bullies
have no age
have no time
have no heart

they just come at you
and make you hate what you do
watch what you say
Mar 2018 · 118
a goodbye?
Sasha Mar 2018
it's your birthday tomorrow
oh how can i forget

I used to wish to be next to you
but now
you're just something I regret
a poem as short as the attention i should give you
Jan 2018 · 119
so c i ety
Sasha Jan 2018
i want to cry but my tears don't seem to fall. i want to scream but i'm restricted by these four walls. i feel my lips move as i ask for their help. my vocal cords vibrate as i let out these words. but they don't seem to hear me or they would've rescued me from this misery.
wait a moment,
how would they save me from this if they have caused it?
maybe they don't want to hear me
be kind to people
Jan 2018 · 119
Sasha Jan 2018
let go
of all the people
that belittle your achievements
that dont support you
that arent there for you
that use you

and start
working on yourself
improving yourself
loving yourself

because you deserve better
nothing is better than living with people who love you
Jan 2018 · 129
Sasha Jan 2018
all the nights i've stayed awake
thinking why i was unworthy of your attention
all the opportunities i've given up
just to stay next to you

i've lost myself then

now that i've learned my worth

stop trying to get me back to you
stop ruining my progress
stop looking for her in me

you will never deserve me
let me be
Jan 2018 · 110
i need you
Sasha Jan 2018
everytime i see you
i imagine things i shouldn't
i see us in places
i feel omniscient

you don't understand
it's not children's love
it's one i'm sure that'll last
till we're in the above

you're not a desire
you're a need
trust me without you
i cannot proceed

so all i ask from you
is to tell me how you feel
to tell me you love me
and get rid of that heart of steel
i love you beyond words, thank you for making my life better even if unintentionally
Jan 2018 · 75
Sasha Jan 2018
i put my all
in teaching you how to love yourself
in helping you when you were at your worst
in making us last forever

you chose her
i hope she'll love you half as much as i do
Dec 2017 · 105
Sasha Dec 2017
i tremble
i scream
i mumble
a dream

that someday
someone will understand
how hard it is to be here
around people i cant stand
and people i cant be near

i promise
im not one to hate
yet they hurt me
and maybe thats my fate

but nobody deserves
such pain
because not ones nerves
will contain

— The End —