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Jun 2013 · 387
Go out of bed!
Yasmein Yousif Jun 2013
Go out of bed you silly fool!
Get up right now case it is time for school
If you don't dress without a fuss
i'll throw you naked on the bus!

Oh mom, don't make me go today
i'm feeling worse than yesterday
you don't know what i am going through
i've got a strange case of flu

My body aches , my throat is soar
i am sure i'm knocking on death's door
you cant send me to school
cause everyone coul get it too!
Jun 2013 · 4.9k
The Creepy Pizza
Yasmein Yousif Jun 2013
i would like a pizza topped with cheese
then sprinkled with some gnats or fleas
some centipedes and slimy slugs
and other creepy, crawly bugs

i want to add some fingernails
and oyster ooze and crunchy snails
and chicken bones and spoiled meat
and smelly socks from ***** feed

i want it topped with lots of mold
and gooey boogers that's not too old
a lot of snot, a little spit,
and guts with grainy grit

— The End —