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cole May 2019
why is your biome so far from mine?

we might as well be at opposite poles

our habitats are so apart

please let our continents combine.
cole May 2019

She was sunshine with a smirk.

She was a sunny day but you can see a hint of thunder in her sky.


You are a pathological liar.

You spin stories like cotton candy.

But your deception is not as sweet as you believe it to be.


If you could just, you know

(******* talk to me)

We would be so much better
cole May 2019
he was stuck in a revolving door

and as it spun around and around and around

he could only catch glimpses of a life he could not escape to
cole May 2019
there was one day he was dreaming

           perched on his ledge

           remembering his father, the panther

and then

he was


he doesn't sleep there anymore

he chooses the sun

the way the light soaks into the linoleum

the way his darkness magnetizes

to draw the warmth in
cole May 2019

continents brushing edges

i shake in your arms

the way your heart touches mine

starts an earthquake

in my bones
cole May 2019
i used to put all my emotions away

they were stored in dusty boxes

packed in the attic.

how did you kick open the door?

blow off the sediment

show me what its like to feel
cole May 2019
you are my destination

you are my home

and i get sick away from you
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