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xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
Everyday it feels the same,
lonely, sad day. Tired of living
in this world. Life isn't worth living
anymore. I'm just a soul who is lost
in this world full of sorrow and emptyness.
xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
5am in the morning
drinking coffee and
smoking many thoughts
were swirling through her
mind, tears begin to formed
as the flashback came into her
mind the thoughts of the one she
loved the most left her hanging.

xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
She's crying for help but no one answer she's tired of all this things, tired of the demons inside her that keep on controlling her, tired of living like this she's tired of all this but still she put a smile and a fake laugh just to make sure that people take it that she's fine but inside she's dying.

xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
am i a monster
who can't control
my anger

am i a normal girl
who is cheerful,
pretty.sweet and
sweet who don't
starve herself
just to be skinny

am i a broken soul
that live under a
broken girl with
a fragile and delicate
heart whereby whenever
people hurt her she breaks
into pieces.

am i who i am

xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
Who am i
I don't know
what am i anymore
I'm not the girl you used
to see,i'm different normal girls don't cut themselve normal girls don't cry at night normal girls don't feel depressed i'm not that normal girls anymore who am i**

xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
I just want
to sleep and
let it take my
soul away.
i just wanna
feel empty
inside of me.
nothing but
xinkedxscarx Feb 2014
Well every once in a while someone's bound to end up with a happily ever after. That doesn't mean i deserve one.
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