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Xavier Salti Feb 2013
Life was amazing. Boats will fly causing mass transportation. Sometimes I think exclusively until I erupt through word Bothered, enlightened, and hungry watching gay cinema eating bananas but not ripe until next time I hate myself for liking weird cinema,  Striking matches without touching myself when hearing groans from my basement which come apart from the throat. Knocks, bangs, and poottitangs among our findings in  timely minute fashion.  The weather will forever be surpising under a burnt out hookers muffintop. Mashed feces under but over kinfolk of a studious wellbeing transcendence, stupendous sacred.
some friends and i acting stupid. Read it in your head in Morgan Freeman's voice.
Xavier Salti Jan 2013
Sometimes I wish they’d invent this thing
That we would all call the happy machine
Compact, portable, and light in weight
We plug ourselves in and it’d make us feel great
It’d be for the times when we’re angry or sad
No fears and no tears it couldn't be bad?
But how long, I wonder, before we forget
What true happiness is? Not that long I bet
So the machine has one flaw
And the truth is in this
Without feeling pain
We cannot know bliss
Xavier Salti Jan 2013
My ear to the pillow  
All I can hear is
It’s my stupid heart
And the sound is keeping me up
Immediately she enters my mind
And in no time I find
That loneliness of this kind
Really *****
A painful reminder
That there might be no point in me trying to find her
Cuz heartache’s roots dig
Deeper than any tree
So my heart beats for no one
And no one’s for me
Xavier Salti Dec 2012
This plant that creates and confuses so much
A key to the other side
that holds so much power
To bring peace
To destroy
We cannot blame
its just a plant
Xavier Salti Dec 2012
What is mind?
Do we fall into a black hole of subconscious influence
ever to wonder if we are truly in control
The ideals we hold
Our aspirations
Our fears
Do these institutions we put faith in make us who we are?
The self, one, being, pure,
Many bodies with one mind
The downfall of modern-day civilization
Colors flash talismans of control
Shrouded in esoteric deceit
A call to all who are aware of the esoteric agenda!
Xavier Salti Dec 2012
I wonder...
Is it even worth trying
or am I just playing the fool
I want to scream out
I want you to know
that your little show worked
I am hurt
Every time they spoke of what i had seen
Every time your name was mentioned
a feeling I am all too familiar with washes over me
like standing naked in the cold
only to numbness
You are winning this game of hearts
You are winning
All my life I have known heart ache
All my life
something happened just needed to get this out

— The End —