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Xander B Mar 2022
What would we do, if we knew, the end was coming soon?
Would we lie, would we cry, would we fall out of tune?
What would we say, if it was today, or maybe even tomorrow?
We are going so fast, will it last, our ever-growing sorrow?
In our mind, is where we will find, the answers that we seek.
Not in our ego brain, which has gone insane, refusing to be meek.
In our conscious soul, that is the goal, to realize our divinity.
To come to know, that this is all a show, our home is in the trinity.
So if the end is near, do not fear, look towards the light.
Our hearts can answer the call, without fall, to do what is right.
If our thoughts can change, we can rearrange, and start to help heal.
So let us walk, what we preach and talk, in our actions we reveal.
That to fix what is wrong, it is like a song, let us create vibration.
Making Truth our rock, from which nothing can knock, us from our foundation.
The end is a beginning, of a time with no sinning, where bad is transmuted to good.
Bringing us back, to what we now lack, the innocence of childhood.
If we accept the love, the Holy Spirit Dove, will bestow us hope.
To be content, and to repent, in order to help us cope.
For our miscreations, are just ill relations, with ourselves and the Source.
With our free will, we chosen to ****, allowing "nature" to run its course.
Let us now go home, no longer shall we roam, returning to the One.
Bringing together all, where none will fall, united under the sun.
Xander B Sep 2019
What a beautiful night.
With all the stars in sight.
Shinning ever so bright.
Watching as the moon goes by.
Wondering about how high
It's glowing is in the sky.
Feeling connected to it all.
The fresh smell in the air from fall.
My heart wants to answer the call.
For the universe is calling me.
Trying to have me finally see.
That living life in love is the key.
This wonderland was built for us to love.
To ascend our minds and help fly above.
Into the vast stars, like a cosmic dove.
If we'd just take the time to connect.
And know that we were all made perfect.
All the negatives will redirect.
Changing in form to something new.
Almost as if it were on queue.
Altering for good our world view.
One day the light will prevail.
Through the dark it will imaple.
Divine aura of avail.
Protecting like a shield.
Creating a forcefield.
Of love for us to be healed
Xander B Jun 2019
It feels like my mind is running away.
Holding my thoughts at ransom.
It's hard to think, not knowing what to say.
My ideas feeling random.
Coming and going with no start or end.
Constantly spinning my brain.
If only I could find a way to mend.
All the things that cause me pain.
I have faith that things will finally change.
No expectations of how.
Knowing my abilities and my range.
I can make this happen now.
Following love and life I know I can.
Never give up, that's my plan.
Xander B Jun 2019
It's 3 o'clock in the morning.
Darkness consuming all around me.
It's known as the witching hour.
With demons lurking where I can't see.
Feels like living in a ghost town.
Locked in a dark room without a key.
Awake in the dead of the night.
Asleep in bed is where I should be.
Only a few more hours left.
Until chirping birds and buzzing bees.
I can make it through this dark time.
To the mornings bright light, I'm free.
Xander B Jun 2019
Oh Mr. Sun
Where do you go at night?
Hiding away
Out of view out of sight.
Where has your shine went?
Your rays so bright,
and the warmth that you bring,
With your blinding light.
Oh Mr. Sun
Where do you go at night?
Passively running from your sibling.
The moon who you will forever fight.
Alas, I know you will rise again.
With all of your glory, when the time is right.
Xander B Jun 2019
Waking up to the morning birds song.
From a dream that felt so long.
The bright sun shinning in the window.
Through the blinds into my eyes.
Adjusting to the light of the day.
Stretching in bed as I lay.
Not wanting to be up and awake.
Curled up under my covers.
In my mind about the day ahead.
With the sun rising yellowish-red.
Now it's time to rise and shine.
And tackle the ups and downs today.
Believe in myself, I can.
Follow love and life, that's my plan.
Xander B May 2019
I don't know why I write, sometimes it just comes and goes. I get this feeling from deep within making me start to flow. I'm not sure where this phenomenon comes from, but it makes me see the world in a different light. It gives me the courage to face my fears and battle in this righteous fight. One day I may understand this feeling, bringing new knowledge to the purpose of life. I just hope the road isn't too long and isn't filled with too much malice and strife. I wish the best for all of the people on this planet and I just want to see us ascend. To break free from the shackles of death holding us back and try our best to make amends. For I see us succeeding in the task of love and I know we will figure this out. One day we will all be together in a beautiful place, looking back with a smile no doubt.
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