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X-Ray El gato Dec 2013
A tattoo of a rose scrawled across his face
Here he lay
Surrounded by pillows covered in lace
Dead as day

A man
X-Ray El gato Dec 2013
Little beast
Cut your teeth on me
Stole my winters
Set me free

Little beast
Sent me away
Grew into a monster
Now I can't stay

Little beast
I have no summer
Tasted you
I'm lost to wander
X-Ray El gato Nov 2013
They don't realise what they have
It's a rare moment
when you get to look right at it
Without having to glance away
To be able to see it in full
One of those moments in life
That truly encompasses beauty
A physical form
They send chemicals firing away in my brain
As if a painting
could taste sweet
X-Ray El gato Oct 2013
Her presence possessed  a quiet elegance
Her mind a fire of disastrous wreckage
She bloomed from the internal chaos that possessed her
A simple manifestation of the dichotomy of chaos and order
She was beautiful to watch
Like a plane crash into a house of cards
I would die in that fire.
X-Ray El gato Oct 2013
I stared at her with the intensity of an idiot.

She lays in his bed and you would not know the regrets that I feel.

Well dressed and unclean I can't shake these memories.
X-Ray El gato Oct 2013
A man screams in his sleep.
Her features all aligned into a perfect order
Just because I'm hungry doesn't mean I have to eat.
A low hum
Burring  into my mind
Drives me into vicious fits of obsession
She stirs me

I look at her but cannot see her.
I try so hard to drink her in.
Every feature I want to drown in.
The vision is only a drop to a dying thirst

I stare so uncomfortably at her soft skin.
Guilty I lust for her.
She exemplified feminine strength

She stings me with her beauty
And Instills in me a sadness I can't understand

Consciously torn between being a dog and a man.
Stuffed my shame into my belly and moved on.

— The End —