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X-Ray El gato Aug 2014
I looked up into the sky
And I saw
In helicopters
And I knew
This was the day I trained for....
X-Ray El gato Aug 2014
Among these fragile porcelain days
Winter lays around us to rest
And She begs to be touched
The shivering want that never pays
Crying out from faintly shifting bodies
scantly dressed,Hands clutched
In these cold winter days
I want to throw myself into you
I want your warmth, skin caressed

So exposed
I see your nakedness
X-Ray El gato Aug 2014
She told me to shut my mouth and kiss her
I chose to kiss her with an open mouth
Held her closer than I should
For a girl I just met

My thoughts roll back
To all the others

She's uncomfortably free
And she doesn't know me
So I pull her close in the dark
And push her against me
Because tomorrow isn't here yet
So I'm going to enjoy her and all the pretty lights
As my brain buzzes on
X-Ray El gato Jul 2014
Etched in metal
Our story told and lost
On tiny metal rings
Forgotten in a box

So I went back
To what we left behind
Nothing but echoes
On every occasion did I find

So here I am at the end
One lonely match
To light the fire, burn it all
And begin again.
X-Ray El gato Feb 2014
Catch your scent on the wind
Burning up from the inside
Flesh hungers flesh
Chase you down despite my pride

Bared my teeth, shed my skin
Time to embrace the predator within
Running with the dogs!
My last guilty thought
Before I take you

The radiating warmth from her soft skin
To hold the hand of a stranger in this dark place.
On top of the food chain she kissed me
X-Ray El gato Feb 2014
Can you feel it
Some beast ******* and chewing up all our time
Stomping around out there
In the dark somewhere
And hungry.
Taking away what's ours
Desperately ours.
X-Ray El gato Feb 2014
I ****** away a lot of time
Whiskey on the lens
Blurred my vision up untill the end
Driving to the e.r.

Here we come!
Here we come!
Driving to the end.

When and if I haunted you
you hid from me
But i stuck like glue

The drums sound
And the sky rumbles
I'm coming for you

You're storming through the dark
And I'm coming for you
Stand alone
Here I come

Driving a friend
to the e.r.
Driving to the end
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