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First morning cigarette
Button on your wrist in navy blue
Finding ways to manage life
without you
We flew together a long way
Now I dont know what to say
where to land
Maybe kamikaze into the giving earth
Some things don't hurt the same anymore
Face down on the floor picked up more times than you can count
Real good at getting lucky
Taco fit for the queen, on Memorial, empty Memorial
even the dogs bark quietly there
Somewhere and manic and thirsty
damning the sun
damning this latest *******
White eyed and weary we find our
sand dollar souls
between cups of cold coffee
framed in the music you make as you
Wind and hail, quarter size,
children with wide eyes
sent off softly to war
to settle a score
there has to be more
we can do
What does peace mean
to you?
A bowl of water, dip your hands
A bowl of rice, share
We're not going nowhere,
unless we do it as a

Unlearn the violence,
come on, just try it.
Let's get back to being forward
And stop being so formal
about this species, us.
Comparing who has the biggest stick, who can send the next rocket, **** all that ****
At the wall, spit, spitmask flashback VC1
Being locked in a chair was no fun
but we made it
Even sang karaoke tonight, even though my hands were shaking
Life is rakeing me in, lost in the applesauce asphalt abdomen
Abstract spells and little bells on your wallet
You wrote me a a whole book but couldnt decide what to call it
I fall face first into the worst form of myself, bottom shelf
Sometimes losing your mind is the only thing that helps
Seaweed and kelp, a vision of self, caught upside down, inside out
About to reroute down south of center mass
Manic biomass bypassing your encryption like science fiction
Find new diction, what we're wishing for is the light to come on
Bringing all the moths and beetles to make their rounds
Gentle crowns of hair, the mysteries under there
Senseless we stumble through another day decluttering everything but what matters
Some things shatter, some stay the same, choose your candle accordingly
I'll be somewhere with my spider friends, folding paper hawks for good luck
Bugs coming out of my nose
Decaying dreamworld
Utopia is lost on us
The future screams out at us
Our children scream out to us
What are we doing!
What are we losing
Every callous day
2 cigarettes for nothing
and an empty coffee cup
Whoever you are I hope
you're ok tonight
Dust up your nose, dreaming of a hose, just some ******* water
Trained for the slaughter, sons against sons, daughter against daughter
Finding reasons to not alter the course of things
We lose so much, it bites and stings its way into our lives
Natural change and decay, fundamental loss
Like pulling a tooth out with the floss,  accidental bleeding
Copper in your mouth and the rain is pouring, sleeting
We're retreating into soft beds and light sheets
The stink of a day on your heart, liquid jumpstart caffeine cyanide
Cut it open wide, take the wild ride roll ruthless
At the kissing booth with Boothe blasting blackcaps
Fat stacks of ore, consumed from children's core
We **** our whole planet but still will ask for more
Open the door, look upstream, things glide and then gleam
Photons in motion causing compounded confusion
The funniest thing is it's all illusion, gap tooth grasping at glimpses
Stencil my body on concrete blocks, dry, and rearrange to your preference
Under the pretty lights tonight
again and again
Under the canopy, green and screaming
give us rain
Simple beast has found his fragility
incarcerate my soul
A blank spot in the road, driving
manic teleportation
At new station biting at broke ends
good friends lost
Texas late winter frost, gutters breathing
constrict and confuse
The men in silk shoes are climbing the ravines
little shaded souls
So many names forgotten to time
why keep track
Lost sideways in the skylarking way
train track trek
I been and I slept
on to many **** rocks
Brothers lost, like clockwork
fighting overseas, forgotten
I cannot unlive this, unsee
my comrades leave me
like empty pitchers
in the night
morning mourning
Be water, gathering
The scariest knot is a frayed one
Because it's 'fraid of nothing'
Slumpin', back alley blacktop lavalamp
Soft, damp, been raining I guess
The storm came out of the west
tracking sideways
Byways, through the backroad be gone in a second
Just depends on if you wreck it
Nothing can resurrect it, this feeble thing
Bodies gone limp and cold in your eyes
A frayed knot for a heart, playing clarinet over disembowelment
Chewing mint harder than cement
Walking semi circular circles in your garden
We are in, already, you just didn't notice
A lotus floats, a sailor boats, a frog throat explodes
Trying to chain together to many loads
Whole **** thing went off halfcocked
Teeth scraped into the bedrock, limestone kiss
Another flaw to add to a long list
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