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Wormwood Feb 2011
Those random faces
In familiar places
Dancing to the dawn
senryu © wormwood / mccomish 2011
Wormwood Feb 2011
I waited for hours
In the rain to see your face
Yet made it my own
senryu © wormwood / mccomish 2011
Wormwood Jun 2010
Have you ever sifted for humans
those beyond the impulse of a beast?
Those that would not
gnaw off their own leg to escape the trap,
or eat their young to survive,
or climb upon dying friends to escape the fire.

Yes, I have sifted for humans
and I found only the one,
and the beasts killed him.
© wormwood / lmc 2010
Posted : 10 Aug 2010
Wormwood Jun 2010
Behind green eyes a retinal flash
subdues a gentle sense of knowing
with a half worn smile
she calculates line and speed
though unimpressed with detail
she's alert to every possibility
and snatches a glance there
her widening gaze settled
followed by a measured blink
of pure satisfaction
a buzz of a wasp
and a flick of an ear
all is well with her world.
© wormwood / lmc 2010
Posted : 9 June 2010
Wormwood Jun 2010
It was here, he said
In my hand, not far from sleep
Too far the dream of ocean blue.

And she laughed,
As her hand swept the sand
Looking for jewels
Looking for recognition
Looking for the grain
Looking for proof.
© wormwood / lmc 2009
Posted : 2 June 2010
Wormwood May 2010
If wishes were fishes there'd be a shoal
and butterfly kisses a countless toll
but seek and be wary of what you desire
lest you live out your dreams in misery's fire.
© wormwood / lmc 2010
Wormwood Apr 2010
The disinfectant
Masking a splash of *****
Has curbed my hunger
senryu © wormwood / lmc 2010
First impressions of McD's in 1979
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