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exst Aug 2019
It's very hard to write it out at the moment
I have to tense my lips and face
I'm living every Day with my personality disorders
It's a constant battle
Music Helps
Poetry soothes
But prose that's
I can go like a rocket
I'm an outsider poet
I write like an outsider
Fragmented and divided am I

I just write how I feel , I perceive and see ( spirit , heart and psyche . I'm empty . I see it all
Simple as that
Because we're all divided and broken
Some of us More we're mentally ill

#mentalillness #personalitydisorders
exst Aug 2019
Laying on my bed
Thinks it's time now
I can reply to that text

#haiku #mentalillness #bpd #personalitydisorders

— The End —