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Harriet Cleve Mar 2019
*** Gat Gongo despicable cur
held court on the High Seas
Black Flag - black heart- black deeds
a *** **** if ever there was one
'twas *** Gat Gongo!

No ranks,but blood banks on crimson decks
death threats and black sweats and odious beasts
scurvy swine sauced on wine and spirits
all rabbled and gabbled as one
All hailing '*** Gat Gongo!'

well they might, for thick in the fight
*** Gat Gongo hurled his hate!
grabbing  fate by the throat and glared
into  the souls of those whose cutlass
cut deep into his flea bitten skin

Opening the veins of vengence
and the veins of ****** retribution!
still the crew cheered their Captain
'*** Gat Gongo!' *** Gat Gongo!

Around his neck a bead of teeth
pulled  from the beaten foes
rancid and rotten, pride of his ill- gotten deeds

the long coat he wore was hideous green
adorned with the tools of his trade
sharpened  knives like deadly wives
his favoured deadly blade

One demon- dark, and treacherous night
the  heavens opened up and all hell let loose!
thunder claps, incessant rain was leashed upon the decks
*** Gat Gongo!' I've come for you!
The Devil shouted out- then waited

*** Gat Gongo  black with rage
pulled  his deadly blade and engaged  in battle
the Devil grabbed him by the throat
smashed his mouth with a *****  blade

gashed all his teeth and as they spat
gathered  them up from spit and blood
that  deck a ****** spitoon
adorned  around his neck and shouted
*** Gat Gongo! Your soul is mine!

Yet *** Gat Gongo hurled his blade
sank it deep into his foe and lurched
grabbed  those horns and wrestled hard
till both fell from the deck
swathes of waves enveloped deep

No sight nor sound was seen nor heard
save from the men left on the deck
screaming *** Gat Gongo! *** Gat Gongo!

As they sailed to Hell!...

— The End —