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michelle reicks Jul 2011
late last night i got home
and the skin between my nose
and my upper lip

was raw
from your mustache
and i didn't put lotion on it,
which is something i would normally do

and i didn't brush my teeth
or put my retainer in
and dental hygiene is important to me.

i just walked in through my front door and sighed a deep happy sigh

like the sighs you sigh for me so often.

my hand smelled like your hair.

and i've been taking hourlong baths
which is something i don't normally do

my room is getting more and more ***** every day
and i can't find motivation to do laundry
(this is so not like me)

and i find myself daydreaming about you
while at work
and my heart starts beating.

it's never had a beat before, i swear.

and it's fastfastfast and

like the way we kiss
but then we slow way down

and we play little games
with our lips.
i love smiling into your mouth
because i can't help it.
tousled Feb 2015
the word fills my vision
mixed with frustration and sadness
lethal combinations
shaky hands and
heart is beating
i didn't make it

— The End —