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Charu Joshi Jan 2016
Winds from the south
Cars from the north
I headed east .
Thud thud thud thud
Thud thud thud thud
Charu Joshi Dec 2015
Once upon a time
A heavy banknote in the pocket of a pant,
heading to the laundry, mocked a coin.
Charu Joshi Dec 2015
Here lad, take your wallet.
Here lady, get your clutch
Here kid, have your candy
Let me watch over you three.Over and over.
Over and out.
Must **** to be a human.
Come on, kitty kitty,
Get your paw here,
2 eggs wait for you.
There Ma and Pa are off the coast.
They Been buggin me for long.
Food kitty?

-space-  inner space -space-
~~I'm right here.
The outer space .
Charu Joshi Dec 2015
On the roof where loners gathered
To count sins, not theirs but yours.
They counted sins ,they counted stars and only star up their was sun , oh they gazed it hot!
Now they go to bed at night
To heal their blinded sights.
No they don't go to roofs at night.
Charu Joshi Dec 2015
Horse's vision is a pony's sight.

Oh Dear Pony, you have a bad eyesight.
Charu Joshi Nov 2015
Hold the end of a bullet train;
Climb its roof and run

Run on the roof as you reach the first coach
And greet the station with wide arms as it comes.
You didn't pay to get a seat,
Roof is where lies all the fun!
Run my chap run!!
Charu Joshi Nov 2015
I pointed at a star, it said it wanted to point back but had no hands.

I looked at the star, it said it wanted to look back but didn't have eyes.

I SHOUTED at the star "oii what now?",
It just twinkled this time .
I had shut the liar up.
It was still  high above me.

— The End —