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abi Aug 2018
when i close my eyes
all i see is silence.
i want to see more
but my quiet mind
hides my thoughts.

then they come rushing back and
they’re worse than ever before and
it hurts.

i cry
i break
i heal
i wait
for the silence
to come back
abi Aug 2018
music and
poems and

i often find my
will to live
ebbing in and out
of existence and
i try
to keep it alive but
i need a little help

i find
the things
that save my life
music and
poems and
abi Aug 2018
i was
something they
forgot to label
now i'm stuck
and you

i’ll slip away
into the sound
and i find myself
you’ve already found me
cracked open
because i was
something they forgot to label
abi Aug 2018
no more
of these
sad kids.
no more
of these
sad kids.
no more
of the
kids who lie
and have to
say they are
just to
fit in.
no more
of this
of phony depression.
abi Aug 2018
I want this be heard
It’s so much more than just a word
Or punctuation,
It’s a clarification.

For people who lost hope,
Were searching for rope.
People whose best friends
Were blades that could have been the end.

Searching for purpose starts
With a beating heart,
And for every heartbeat through the pain,
That’s a heartbeat that you gain.

Stay alive, it’s worth it, I promise.
Stay alive for me.
Stay alive for yourself.
Just stay alive.


— The End —