r May 2014
dark and morbid
they say there is no hope

beautiful and talented
yet all you do is mope

unwanted and ignored
you've forgotten how to cope

you feel insignificant
bitterness is your new companion
there's so much pain it's nearly unreal
but you've forgotten how to feel

how do you make it go away?
or is it always here to stay?
r Mar 2014
if i were to paint you
i would illustrate a frosty winter day
fierce, cold and grey.

if i were to taste you
i would sip on coffee
harsh, bitter, and black.

if i were to listen you
i would hear cries
deafening, sorrowful, and vivid

if i were to see you
i would see a beautiful barbarian
broken, hurting, and a loving being
mehh. some people piss me off.

— The End —