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Wildflower Feb 2011
Noone's cumin' to get you babe
There's no destiny. no fate
You are what you make of yourself
There ae no judging heavenly forces
That's celestial crap
Bad things can happen
To you, all the time
There's no savior babe
No soulmate
That's fairytale crap
So be by yourself
Never leave your side,
And fall for nascent whiffs
They're not even real
Just an easy illusion
Real is what you are going to make
There's no destiny. no fate
Noone's cumin to get you babe.
Wildflower Feb 2011
to look at the moon
on full-moon nights
to feel the dark
on no-moon ones
we used to go to a place

in the shade of pines

do you?

birds flew past
they recognized us
the air had unknown smells

under the stars
we used to sit
and tease and talk

do you?

now they're craning that earth out
and making a building there
in our place
where we'll never be
ever again

those smells
are now lost love,
lost love
there isn't dark
no pines
the moon's gone too

and so are we

that place has forgotten us
just like
you've forgotten me
darlin darlin

everything's over
now it's no more us
just me
only me
until i can't
hold my breath
sans you

i see that building come up
i try to ****** this belief into me
that you're no more
but can't

no verse
can even begin to convey,
to say
how much
i miss you
and want you

so much so
that i would rush back in time
to then
just hold on to you
darlin darlin

Wildflower Feb 2011
I can't take my eyes off you..
Let me hold on
a moment more,
and the one after that
Let me look at you
let me drink from your thoughts
listen to your muted voices
I can't take my mind off you..

Let me come a li'l

There is something 'bout shedding your emotions, one by one, before the one you love. Just like shedding your clothes, one by one. It could be as cathartic as *** could be sometimes. That feeling of being emotionally naked before him, sharing all the ***** secret. The intimacy of being one, with him. The feel of being Closer, than Closer could be..
Wildflower Feb 2011
u emerge from the smoke
and merge within again

i ask myself
if you're the same person
inside & outside the smoke

are you?

the haze turns purple
findin yu, gets harder
my rovin eyes..get
not a moment of rest
findin yu &
buildin stories..

distance shortens
between me to yu..
m 'ere
yet i feel
your warm breath
on my cheek..

there are moments
when i want to go
actively insane
this is one such

i can't help myself
can you?
Wildflower Feb 2011
I am high
And you're clearly not low

It's a meaningless kiss
Though twasnt supposed to be like this

We're not in love
And this room's dark

Full of strangers
We're strangers too

Tomorrow's a Sunday
Remember this, we won't anyway

I sent the ones who loved me away
Now am alone forever

Though I din't sink in thy eyes
I can tell you're the same too

So just a meaningless kiss
And  let it be

Let it be
Wildflower Feb 2011
Our afternoons
the smell of tea
colors of maroon & brown
noises of children playing outside

Our nights
dimmed lights
whispers traded, shared
sighs, breaths & darkness

dew drops on petals
new hopes
a harmless hurry, impatience

Our evenings
a nearing shroud of night
I, waiting at the window
craving to be together with you, again

and our times..
Wildflower Feb 2011
let my wish not die this time around

i want to hold your hands and
move about in the monsoon
don't let my wish die this time around

i want to step my feet
into the puddles and kick the water out
and sing a little song, once in your ear
once aloud

i want to keep losing my umbrellas..
and buy new ones
of colors..magenta, purple, all the hues of love
may be a red one too

see the waves dying into foam
lashing the rock by the sea
strings of rain, incessant
furious like our love

drenched hearts and held hands
not a shelter around
just us..alone together
Wildflower Feb 2011
How fast is not too fast?
And how slow is just alright?
Tell me,
which one is
Just about the right pace
To fall in love
with You

Because, tomorrow
I don't
want to cry alone regretting
That I gave in too fast
Or have that question
in my heart,
If you deserved some time
a few days more
and Love, a second chance

Because, today
I am insane
and all I do is cry
Darlin, darlin..

Just about the right pace to fall in love
Is this too soon? Too late?
What would you do
Had you been me?

Also, I feel
shaky and lost
Vulnerable, like never before
Powerlessly, in love
May be

So tell me..
before I sleep off


— The End —