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wichitarick Sep 23

Looking out to find an invisible object ,no knowledge if it is solid liquid or gas

Sequences of life thrown up like  odd cards in a deck landing on an unlucky  number

Reaching out turned to grasping at straws, while gripping for good seems to get a pass

Blank hearing while others cry, they can not  see the screams,hidden inside boiling like thunder

Beginning to realize life is played by the numbers ,await experience while life shows her wrath

Points of view often plain, enhanced with new attitudes  ,watching as a vagrant mind goes asunder

Sweeping fields of view now narrow,open vistas viewed through a  keyhole,highways turned into winding narrow paths

Easy for the world to give assumptions for what we did not feel happen,just left scratching our heads in awe and wonder

Visions blinded so much lost to be absent minded ,abstract  thoughts quickly shuffling like so many photographs

Searching to  find what they can not see ,futures now downsized to what can be planned in a hour. R.C.
Can be so hard to find a direction to go,often we never know unless it is in hindsight,even more difficult trying to offer even life saving or changing advice to someone searching . Life just does not have be that hard
Thanks for reading your advice is welcome and helpful.
wichitarick Sep 17

Restless vagabond never seeing life past the nose on her face ,so far behind in finding her special place

What can it be that make some lose their sight , robbed of vision before ever seeing the sights

Her sleeping imagination is it placid ,soft or wrought in fire and fear, swallowing all behind it's gates

Rest never heard of her, running to hard to see what is best,walking on solid ground is an illusion when your mind is flying with the kites

Irresistible forces holding the mind back to play some meaningless games ,futures unknown, no plan for what awaits

Greatest pressures often not clear to the drifter,outside eyes always watching as she is getting more lost in the cries

Obstacles unknown now  seen through distorted vision,like a Kansas storm front building as  greater pressure pervades

Time is now the greatest test, others only seeing when you do the best,blinded to reason now living in disguise

Rules that were not seen now bear great weight ,sooner than later we will have to pay for our escapades

Thoughts now gathering warm drops falling, rolling slowly down my cheeks condensing tastes of salt ,shed for her demise

To  relive a moment, her to be good for goodness sake resting with no worries when the world only had accolades . R.C.
Had not posted in a while so felt good to do so.
Sometimes it is so hard and just sit and stare and let life happen
even harder when nothing you can do will change another life.
sometimes the best laid plans go wrong and we still must move forward. or the past will take it with it. PEACE TAKES PRACTICE. Rick
wichitarick Apr 15

Drifting on the clouds of the day far from unknown views, peering through a blemished lens

Warming up slowly with potential wavering ,pressures building while my mind is still left unreeling

Winds pushing or pulling lost in the breeze puts my soul at ease while it's softness is helping to cleanse

Mellow to my eyes flowing through the skies ,listless feelings lifted as the mind accepts more feeling

Protected by their puffiness soothing the edge of our roughness,the vastness makes us realize our insignificance

Abstract views leave unknown news ,while we are left gazing seeking some meaning

Thoughts of the day often get in the way of letting our mind out to play ,thinking to fast may leave us in a trance

Watching an evil wind blow across the way,remain distant or maybe stay to send our lives careening

Looking outward past obstacles wanting new vision, seeking answers from an unknown distance

Again lost watching some billowy  beautiful blue bounty,  grabbing a hold of that thick air blindly

Lost in a horizon preparing for twilight , sunset colors blending,waiting to find what new mission will be revealed with the dimness. R.C.
Letting my eyes and mind drift in the sky for a while brought some new thoughts. My best, thanks for reading your thoughts are helpful. Rick
wichitarick Feb 6

Sitting there in that all to familiar chair ,sounds all around but not a cheer I could hear

Facing the beginning of that not new feeling ,slumping downward but frozen from reaching outward

Mind in place so far no  disgrace,settling in for the unknown to begin, slowly trickling down to an invisible lower tier

Pressures pressing, muscles stretching ,becoming faceless ,unknown to be strong or become a coward

Clenching quickly becoming entrenched warm glow resting as the mind becomes more lucid but without fear

Losing faces or places of all we held dear ,measurement and scales  off kilter ,emotions  floundered

Clouds forming spaces receding now unable to give that final greeting,simple breathing  creating it's own atmosphere

Auras completing their cycles, mindless focus going spacial ,blossoming then building will this be stronger longer than others previously encountered

Drawn deeply into the lair has again left our soul  bare ,we are left to hold our own as we drift into that thousand yard stare. R.C.
Is what the aura feels like or Pre- seizure time before a gran mal or tonic clonic type seizure,in many way ways over laps with other things as people might relate to a panic attack or period before a migraine. <hanks for reading your input is helpful Rick
wichitarick Dec 2018

Each person ponders for that moment then wonders if we just had one request

Everything sailing along perfectly then a sudden snag,didn't see that coming wasn't in the plans

Trying again means you've done, it twice if we miss there may not be a second guess

Are all those stars holding someones request, were they granted or was it still left to chance

Why wait to find out our fate ,just ask a favor before it's to late,a quick thought could insure success

Will it be an urge to splurge or an unaccomplished dream maybe left wide open for that impossible single romance

Flip of a coin,draw of a card what will decide that hidden craving,pick a preference that will best fit oneself

May the nickle not be fickle when thrown into the well,will the first thoughts will come to pass

Dreamy thoughts leave us to aspire a fast flash for that one desire,will the tale ring true or rest on a shelf

Left in limbo will the hopes happen or we will be left lingering ,a whole wide world full of wishes just waiting ,if we want it bad enough maybe one will play out on our behalf.
It seems we all have this habit of wishing,I wish ,you wish, in your dreams,etc.
wonder what a new age flo chart looks like for all the wishes that just never come true? or probably some law firm ready to sue someone for not letting ALL of them come true:) thanks for reading your thoughts are helpful. and Happy Holidays. Rick
wichitarick Dec 2018

Awaking with passion slowly finding the pieces,time played out in rations

Spontaneous moments of yesterday breathing into my  fragmented  mind

Warming into those feelings slowly hoping for better dealings as thoughts now appear in captions

Holding on as it unravels ,unsure of our thoughts as they travel ,waiting to find how the new day will be designed

Bit by bit we take another bite ,often squinting as we await another fight of yesterdays and today's interactions

Coordination of Comprehension slippery at best, keeping portions while letting the rest go undefined

Alarming bells of morning often riveting, sometimes not perceived just softly floating into abstractions

That moment of grasping for clarity ,resolution often a rarity again a familiar game of the blind leading the blind

Passive or aggressive how will the next move be played ,fresh faced or images in shambles

Twilight power play took it all away, left again with just a foundation ,we will work to rebuild edges and angles becoming more flexible as our life is redesigned.R.C.
A few thoughts on how easy it can be to lose something you just had,with short term memory loss,it often is a waiting game,feel blessed when pcs. come back.
Funny enough I wrote this because my computer had eaten the one I wrote before on the same idea:) so it was "lost" before I even had a chance to sign it:)  appreciate what we have right now! Thanks for reading your thoughts are welcome. Rick
wichitarick Nov 2018
"Over the river and thru' the woods to Grandmother's house we go."

No, we don't go to Grandma's house anymore.
As we did away back in days of yore.

But we still remember the good times we had.
The caring and love, tho' times were bad.

Grandpa saying Grace in his old German ways.
Grandma in her apron; those were the days.

It all started about nineteen-fifteen,
With it's tall White house and big red barn.

Come Thanksgiving, with no relatives near,
They gathered with neighbors to bring Holiday Cheer.

To the four-mile schoolhouse they came all together,
With families and food -- no matter the weather.

For each pioneer mother did her very best
To cook her special treats and out do the rest.

And give thanks for gardens and neighbors so near,
They brought and shared gladly their food and good cheer.

The children had practiced for weeks., come what may.
For each had a piece to  be given that day.

A song to be sung, maybe a poem read from a card, ,
While the Wheezie old ***** was pumped very hard.

When all the program was over and done,
On to Grandma's and Grandpa's for more food and fun.

A few years later instead of the farm we'd go,
To the old Rock  House -- home of Tena and Joe.

Eventually the group grew too large and so
To Potwin Community House we did go.

So today we give thanks for a legend in our time,
For Grandpa and Grandma and the memories they left behind.

And for friends and aunts, uncles and cousins,
We come altogether each year by the dozen.

to remember the past and visit a while here.
Then to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

- Doris G -- 1983
I bumped this from before,something my Mom's Mom wrote yrs back:)
after re-reading it  what she is referring to is the original homesteaders sections and now abandoned town where she had grown up in eastern .Kansas. Spent my first thanksgiving basically alone so the thoughts of family were heart felt. Thanks For reading. Rick
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