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wichitarick Sep 2022
Votes For Notes
Choosing one style from an unlimited pile is as hard as Diamond or making a square Rock Roll

Collective collaborations create unique feelings individually or in community, music has Magic to be heard not seen

Unlike sights we are left to feel sounds, Hidden charm inside a subtle chime, fledgling feelings grow from a bass down low expanding beauty upon a listener's soul

Begin life in searches,  nursery rhymes to funeral dirges,  endless players add constant layers
competition for compositions adding more jewels to our Crown

To the Dead I am Grateful, gatherings of folkies & Yokels expanded our vocals not left steaming & screaming like my Metal head friends, new found Freedom gathering ticket stubs by the pocketful

Rockers often scream of taking life to an edge in dispute of which way their soul should pledge leaving us alone in the lyrics to roam, internal interpretation often sifting each listeners reasoning

Hillbilly humming solo guitar strumming, a mixed medley I feel fondly, fond of Chet's precision style, violin or Banjo a sure win ,styles changing as I mature

Always searching feeling fuller when it is found, limitless vibration forms vibes within me grooves given and received, Sixth sense flowing internally helping to align mentally

Life in a song is better than trying to maintain without one, it is to the words or sounds I aspire looking outward to keep my mind "Out of the Mire"  R.C.
A personal homage to music in general not a particular style or artist!
Thanks for reading your thoughts are helpful. "Peace Takes Practice" Rick
wichitarick Aug 2022

Providing an edge to tarry or toil open pathways to anywhere

Like brooks connecting streams that flow into bigger rivers

Their history limitless as they connect footsteps, unite people or disconnect them mystery laid upon each square

Corner to corner varies widely whether local or foreign, goal of each walker differs

Walkways perpetually taking second place to a street that carries the name, standing as middle ground between the house and a thoroughfare

Gates can say OH WAIT or come on in bordered by fence of all flavors, always friendly with the footpath while adding totality to a structure

Tykes on trikes in training, Rises or falls caused many a bicycle blunder, either is fulfilling leaves lasting memory whether experienced or beginners

So many Hellos to neighbors or strangers a nod in passing payment to them for an unknown cause opening a chance to give a dull day a little luster R.C.
Was from a picture of a sidewalk! Wanted to show more from the view of the sidewalk! Fell a little short imo but still came together, Thank you for reading your thoughts are helpful. Peace Rick
wichitarick Jun 2022
Paid To Paint It Black

Another Red door my job is to paint it Black, they are never done always two more on the rack

Would I be put asunder left in constant wonder if just one door might be painted another color

Red resembling rust always a bust, thoughts of other color not left to wonder

Various hues bring other views while dark stands alone, many reasons to color an entrance from religious to obscure

All my clothes winter or summer refaced with rust or flat primer or pleasing pigments of charcoal

Solid steel adds a secure feel, brass hardware a subtle but luxurious appeal, Noticeable link for a criminal buffer

Many other iron projects to clean paint or polish, paint black doors on Friday to have the weekend to dry,
not to dismiss how security was our main goal

..........Another Red door my job is to paint it Black, they are never done always two more on the rack..........

Had a hidden dream a bolder color besides flat or gloss charcoal tones, last day I should have played leaving just one passageway purple or magenta showing more contrast with my blue collar

Buried in rust always a plus, paycheck never lacked as long as I didn't slack, often heard **** on the radio SCREAMING

..........Another Red door my job is to paint it Black, they are never done always two more on the rack..........
Was from the song "Paint It Black" by the rolling stones! I worked in an ornamental iron shop for a few yrs. and dip painted many thing including LG. security doors,with hundreds of gallons of red primer & Black gloss paint can see how the words had their own meaning :) Literally painted EVERYTHING black including my clothes boots and hair and skin :)  Thanks For reading appreciate your thoughts. Peace Takes Practice. Rick
wichitarick Jun 2022
Screen Door Always Open

Flashback of a slow train on a narrow track, visions from a car window or old pickup truck

Memories of tasting dirt roads and noisy toads, taking it all in while old wheels spin

Arrival looks like a revival minus the Bible, Wind washed home between railroad tracks next to a river bank

Juvenile sensations sensationalized, taste of mulberry, watermelon, Kool-Aid in Tupperware, refinery a constant scent of tar or diesel, Smell of whitewash not political yet, waiting line at the tire swing

Barefoot brings bee stings, soft familiar feeling of clover between toes, whiffle ball for all, plenty to do for me or you, willingness to play holds highest rank

More fun  catching bait than avoiding the old bait and switch, Lessons laid out and kept separate like hooks on a trot line, uncaring for the memories these days would bring

Collecting sunshine brings blistering burns, red skin clashes with red hair, grass stains and heat show no pain,  remove both with wonders of the wash tank

No hills but a few Dales, Lakes and streams in between, Grandma Nellies reward a penny for each dandelion dug endless fodder for young hands to wander, like a merry-go-round little minds spin and spin

Few recollections of adults they must have been bored, stayed in shade porch protected,  order by age from front to back

Melancholy notes drifting down from meadowlarks or mourning doves, mixed country or Beatles on a.m. radio,  sights, sound, tastes enter, mark unique imprints on our soul, carried softly to the end

No future lost when unknown, will we miss it when it's gone, Ciyfied now to those old folks I still give a bow,
next time we see an old house with the screen door wide open is more family's adding to memoirs to their masterwork
Summer time flashback of a little kid,how happy we can be with so little.
Appreciate your comments,thanks for reading. Peace Takes Practice. Rick
wichitarick Jun 2022
Inspirational sounds

Words or sounds placed perfectly plinking away lightly then reaching down deep to mold my soul

Grand day! YES it was when "Songs" was first heard, like adding lotion to raw emotion too tone and soften

Distantly aware what effects have taken over like musical magicians each word or note plays a different role

Humble as my hearing is, connected to a mind that was put into timeless bliss, change my mind instantly from loathsome to AWESOME

Painter of words blending hues with many expanded views help to set my mind in motion, giving freedom to my head and new control

My Heart not Fragile nor thrown Roundabout  more as a welcome sedation feeding inner elation, setting a Mood for A Day at the Heart of the Sunrise an expanded spirit no longer an option

Going on a venture with a Star-ship Trooper brought Perpetual Change to All Good People who were ready to listen, a new school for our senses to enroll

Mindset of placidity falling backwards needs a JOLT not some lovesick potion a mental message to my Neurons, brain released from pain like a prisoner without a warden

Not looking for forgiveness or to be forsaken but to give the Love that can be taken, pleasing memoir painted upon our soul

They say NO I say YES, I need visionary friction to feed my addiction, the release will appease, mentally tease shift a rift excite and encourage, elation shows as a gift my mind has a new watchman
Was done as Praise to the band YES ,the passing of their drummer Alan White
Was the prompt but  am a life long fan so is more fitting to the entire band and all their music and sounds from all members.  (though certainly not enough) 25% of everything I written has had their songs playing in the background when writing :) thanks. appreciate your comments. "Peace Takes Practice" Rick
wichitarick Jun 2022
Craving The Color

Is it and wonder we crave the color

Many angles to finagle our desire, beauty or scent heartfelt softness of each petal

Nothing simple why their symbolic from pompous too bucolic, varies from culture to culture

Bold as gold Crimson luster exudes from a cluster, shared by saints or signs of a devil

Gardeners pay a price when handling the bramble, drops of blood reflect each blossom, beauty is worth the gamble

Favorite tint carries a hint of wisdom, white as purity, mellow yellow brings joy, BIG and BOLD or pastel is soft and gentle

Countless days dependent on the image meshed with chocolates become almost redundant, sinners or winners they are laid across the saddle

Bride and groom enter a room share in the passion, her rosy cheeks polished pink, Piano softly plays "The Rose "
making each feel special !
Was fitting for the first day of summer :)
Thoughts on the many ways we use the rose as a symbol, a display for a casket or a wedding or valentines day can be interchangeable,as a gardener could have included more ways they are symbolic.also are often used in songs of love and hate, common in art and tattoos . Thanks for reading your comments are helpful :) Peace Takes Practice. Rick
wichitarick May 2022
Camouflaged Caskets

Best of a generation first to shout with passion, didn't stand idle ready to march to battle

Cemeteries more famous than the quarrel, become markers for its members

Personal diary lost in history, now next in line of people mixed in raw data

Mausoleum, crematorium even more buried at sea, just a mark on a map where they take their final nap, they lie alone in that zone whether airman soldier's or sailor's

Hearse did roll so silent , not a hint of anything violent, Tears flowing have a universal language, sounds like rain marking pain, form a storm covered by dark clouds

Paths of life mixed in strife, roads paved with headstones sealed with blood, marched on by friend or foe, they become a still frame in someone's mind

Real lives in disguise, their destiny not discreet, many tags moving, dog tags on top, toe tags on bottom, So many wars largest given numbers

Disturbing ritual never ending vigil, Final decision a true gamble, no trial it is final, certificate for family's wall is all that is signed, do those crosses stand as symbols

Who will know in the end what was right, under the scope does their life bring hope, does the death bring Peace with honor, are they now a new generations instructors

Does dirt disguise their demise, death mask worn like a fashionable veil, flag on a casket worn as a shroud hides a soul's pride, connects all cultures takes all comers, final march guided by deaths Angels.
Not quite as the first thought on the title  was, but still needed a new memorial day thought! Aside from the niceties or pain no matter the cause it is hard to avoid  they become memories and numbers ! "Peace Takes Practice" appreciate your reading your thoughts are helpful. Rick
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