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Why Me Oct 2013
Best Friend
That was what you were to me

Times Changes
Things Change
People Change
You Changed

But not for the better
I wouldn’t have minded

You left me to fend for myself
When I needed you the most

Was it because of your new friends?
That you had forgotten me

The only one who was there for you
Who listened to you
Who cried with you
Who laughed with you
Who fought with you
Who loved you

It was my fault
For depending on you
For trusting you
For letting myself believe that you would do the same for me

I was wrong
I don’t think I can trust anyone anymore
I don’t want to be betrayed
Why Me Oct 2013
Freedom is like matching a pair of slippers
with a high class silk gown
topping it off with a black tall hat

Freedom is like standing at the summit of Mount Everest
while admiring natures's beauty
Before sliding down a never ending field of bumps

Freedom is like standing in a wide open space
while letting the cool wind and fresh air envelope you
as your blank mind fills with carefree memories

Freedom is like a deer running free through the forest
or a koala oblivious to its surroundings
a falcon soaring through the skies overlooking the world

Freedom is gracefully leaping
before the thrill of running takes over
soon enough, you fly beyond your restrictions
My friends and I came up with this while we in an LA enrichment programme
Why Me Oct 2013
That’s all we share
In public

Why won’t you tell your friends about me?
Your girlfriend

Are you embarrassed?
By me

If you are,
Then I can’t.

I just can’t,
Love you anymore
Why Me Oct 2013
Why do you lie to me?
To not hurt you

But you’re killing me

You’re tearing me apart

Each time you lie
A little part of me is dying

Can I trust you anymore?
Of course you can

You’re wrong
I can’t
Not anymore
random stuff i ask myself
Why Me Sep 2013
He says he loves me
But I question him?

Do you?
All I get are punches
He calls this love

How could I love a man like him?
So heartless

When I look at him,
I see a helpless boy

I try to survive,
But I drown

I can’t turn him in.

Is it love,
Or fear?

All I know is that this is
**Abusive Love
just an idea that popped up in my head during my English class!!!!!!!!!
Why Me Sep 2013
My arms full of them
Why do I do this to myself?
Isn’t physical pain better than an emotional one?

All those smiles that they put on
Whispers behind my back

My friends
My enemies

I slowly swipe the blade across my wrist

The metallic smell
The thick liquid
Crimson red
So intoxicating

Like a drug,
I’m addicted

My loyal friend,
Who will never leave me
Why Me Sep 2013
With an eraser,
I could erase all my embarrassing memories

With an eraser,
I could erase all my sad memories

With an eraser,
I could erase all my mistakes.
I could start fresh.

With an *eraser *,
I could erase you from my mind

But would I,
My most happy memories
All gone

But If I could,
My heartbreak
Gone too
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