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Amber Robbins Jun 2016

In my mind
I can't get


locked behind bars
As everyone shuts me out


With only my thoughts
I'm never heard


In the world
Banging on these walls

Blood dripping down my arms

Amber Robbins Nov 2014
Tears may fall,
My heart may break,
But for love it is something I am willing to forsake.
My knees tremble,
And as I fall,
I am hoping you are there to catch me.
My eyes are weak,
But my mind is strong,
Loving you...
Could never go wrong.
Written October 24, 2012
Amber Robbins May 2014
Trying to be strong but each day it's getting harder and harder.
Sometimes I just don't know what to do.
Not trying to let anything get me down but there's no way to get away.
Fighting tears seem to help
And for awhile it makes me numb,
But when I let the emotions flow,
It feels so much better
May 10, 2014
Amber Robbins Mar 2014
Cutting off my emotions,

Because I don't want to cry...

If you really loved me,

You would have never said goodbye.
Written in 2012
Amber Robbins Mar 2014
Crying on the inside..
  Smiling on the out...
   Life keeps going....
  Fills me with doubt..
   All I can do...
  Is hold my head....
  And SHOUT!

The more I dream of you..
The more I am awaken...
Seeing you with another....
My feelings are left shaken.
Written January 12, 2013
Amber Robbins Mar 2014
How come...

My feelings don't matter?

I'm the last on your list?

You don't take my advice?

You treat me like ****?

Are you just heartless?

Or did someone force you to this?
Written October 31, 2012
Amber Robbins Mar 2014
My eyes are burning,
And my mind is racing.
My fears come forward,
As my heart breaks down.
I try to take a step,
But  my feet are nailed to the ground.
Why does my heart like to torment me?
All the wrong reasons,
For all the right pain.
Written November 8, 2012
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