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Wesley Wise Dec 2011
I know it's wrong
When your soft eyes look up at me
when you whisper in my ear

I know it's wrong
when you cherry red lips pucker
when the pace of your heart speeds

I know it's wrong
when you intertwine your body around mine
when we are both breath-taken

I know it's wrong
but I don't wanna be right
Wesley Wise Nov 2011
To love one so perfectly made
is to surely face heartache.
To look in lovely chocolate eyes
is a vow I must truly take.

I must bath in her love
In perfection I surely wade
I am hers and she is mine
our bond; eternity is laid.

Oh, to tarry with her for eternity more
is a vow I must truly take
Wesley Wise Sep 2011
Thunderous sin
hold me close

Colours Black and White
We are blinded

       Love blurs the
         lines of morality

Kiss me again
Master and friend.
Wesley Wise May 2011
I never felt as scared and happy as
I did when I heard that you
loved me

wrapped up in beauty and lust I spend each
new day with a whole life-time
and you

I fear only Death and the absence of
you in everything I do;

Love Me
Wesley Wise Apr 2011
Lovely, Lovely come and smother.
Lonely is this putrid slumber.
Satan’s allure shines in the night
To blacken pure hearts without plight.

Burning, lusting tempts within:
When will my virtue end?
He persuades “This is right
To give up without a fight.”

Lonely, Lonely still am I.
Untouched, Unloved in man’s eye.
For I do not give what is mine.
For purest souls meet divine.

Bored and lonely is my life.
God is my lover, I his wife.
Corrupt can gawk at pure charm
But doing duty does no harm.
Wesley Wise Jan 2011
you wouldn't text me back
you have nothing left to say
I have said it all
Wesley Wise Dec 2010
my heart and Mind speak to me
in foreign languages

I don't understand them
or give a ****

I am alone
and I am done with it

So eat my heart out
all you savages.
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