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Wesley Wise Jul 2012
Love is loving more.

I breath in, and gasp,
surprised that you are mine.

I breath out, and sigh,
relieved to be yours.

breathing becomes harder,
now that you are mine.
Wesley Wise May 2012
I can still smell the lustful intentions of your perfume
in the shirt you once wore.
I regret all the meaningless battles
of a couples war.

I know you will soon be
back inside my arms.
but the voices inside of me
scream with jealous alarms

I argue with the lies
inside my head;
I know one day
we will be wed...

I cry as I kiss the ghost
of you in memory.
I know our love binds and distorts
in fearful symmetry.
Wesley Wise Dec 2011
My Love does not come from you
It is given in spite
I will love you always
no matter what our plight

You have no control over me
no actions can undo you
I must Love you forever
Even if your feelings unglue

I must forgive
I must give my whole
I cannot stop
I understand my role
Wesley Wise Dec 2011
You do this for me
you think its best
you say you can learn to love me
you pretend you don't feel less

I do this to myself
I love these lies
I refuse to see the truth
I close my eyes

But we both know the truth
We see this won't last
Something must come of change
Can we erase the past?
Wesley Wise Dec 2011
What passion-
What love-
that turns this cold heart
to flesh.

I am yours
You are mine
Forever we are one

together we become

in love
Wesley Wise Dec 2011
Here is your present.
If you open it you will find something of no monetary value.
It has no mass.
No dimensions.
But it sure is heavy.

You can’t hold it,
But you can feel it
You can’t write with it ,
But it leaves a mark
It may be small,
But it grows over time

I want you to take it. Keep it. Cherish it.
And on the first day of your first born’s life
Give it away

Don’t ever wipe it off
It loses all power,
All love,
All meaning if you do.
Everybody knows that.

Even if today is the last day that our paths cross
You will always have this gift.
Please take care of it.
Wesley Wise Dec 2011
Cussin', fightin,
till the dawn
you better be glad

You're my dream girl

Hit me, hurt me
till I bleed
you better be glad

You're my dream girl

Hold me, touch me
all you want
I am so glad

You're my dream girl
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