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wehttam Jan 2015
A puff,
two puffs,.... A narrative or cleft notes for the Praxis exam.  Otherwise, as smart as a equinimity is, a expository form in writ.  The monkey's wait in Compton.  
I belay the last law they have and will naught forgive or forget a Jesus freak.
Nepotism, in animals and fraying democracy.
wehttam Jul 2014
Butter remained in the dish
even when liquid.  An even
was the end of the day.  Prophets
raised on corn flakes were more
then or loose crunchy.  Seven
days were not remarkedly adventurous
in IT.  "Am Eye Ah Clnoun?"

or,... "WHAT!"

The dude er romulynn,
stood up and breached a
sword across the mouth of
every line of miss oh genius

LYCANs actually have
a bagg for Crete, a steady lie
to put the tooth into.
Jesus is from Cremea'.
I said it.  

Noisy as 'He 'will' be in here,
nice day too. The butter stayed
in the dish as a liquid.  But
hot enough to melt butter.  
I said it.  

Enough proclivity to trace
50 cal rounds, cleaverer than
that, and totally was walken on
water.  *** a matter of fact,
do not lie to me, I'll help hymm.  

I said it.

Have a nice day.  Maybe a better
written one tomorrow.
wehttam Jul 2014
More recent causes be
to blame; resting was not
as easy as resisting. A cold,
cooled viper soiled fangs,
once so seemingly beautiful
objection too.  Of dangerous,
ordinary.  "Ists, ists, ists,...."
continually, stomach, belly,
hand, foot, neck, brain, every
temporal sought try, emnity.  
The 5th, fours, poets counting
3 beats and 2 bars,... ONE Langston, Kerouac,
Thurston, any true scientologist.  "Ists."
The trite moekein bird song had treated,
and debt was emnity.
wehttam Jul 2014
Let me write to you!
Some thing
About baseball.
Or going through three
as a Latin poet.

This preacher had
fiddled a wooden cross,
laying it down
every time I
throw a fast ball.

He reaches
the t.v.
guide wonderously
curses Cubs.
A stick, of gum.  
Wriggling in between
giggling as whom
has the windy

Starched cold pressed
pen stripes, left two right.
Alway, do dowelry.  
Of course revelation.
"Did he, boy!?"  Get through.  
Just lay down, thinking,
to look at the last payment.  

No names, and we
still play baseball
around 3.
wehttam Jul 2014
To treat a bruised parrot
on the shoulder of Sandalphon
a starlet.  Being
squired for aseen parrot
was naught something
next to me.  It screemed
constantly,... "Just let it in."
Do parrots think possibly
to much annoying.  
To teach a parrot
use oil, place it on every
feather every wing.
and then ask it to
write, like some thing
it can read.  If a parrot
reeds a child does it know
what to mean.  Does it add
surepititiously to the being,
any virtue, any thing.

Do doubt the parrot
if it can not sing!
wehttam Jul 2014
As is I studed mythology
methodically, and had
stumbled across poetry.  
An art inform
Michealangleosand Toulereic.  
Casting a name
my father's train
turned into misogeny.  
Neoteny, mutiny, glutony,
and scruteny, all mashed to
gather.  If Dracula, is Jacob,
as John is to Attilla, and the
father of Abraham, Moses, and
Isacclee.  How due it two
the explanation of mythology?
Green mists, bats, wolves or were wolves
as a matter of fact, what by God's
creations do they mean
by Dogs of Thunder.  
Oh, a poetry be Aye,
to the Christmas time,
and the cry of the broken
crayon.  When do or die
meets my eyes
sacleblur to much monster
ment OyYea, to understanding
masses of poets treating and
reading a masterful poets tree.  
I and three make one,
I and thee make two,
I and geez do a lot of things
but must make better soliloqui.
wehttam Jul 2014
If beauty troubles
I'd be a date, lost
for seven dollars
staring at ate.  
Hungered tame from
a riddle of shame,
we had o'er drawn
much too of the shade.
In through outter latin
as otter's train playful
matters enaccompany to
eyes of Saturn.  With little
to due and much about
emnity, it was a horse heart
beating in side of me.  
All of the kin was to much
Ken, and of course
Barbies are made out of
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