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Wedyan AlMadani Sep 2016
When you try to find the one
You end up with nothing but pain
and absolute agony with a hint of despair
You end up trying to change yourself for
someone you're not sure exists
You try and try and try
To be perfect, the perfect match
The perfect piece to that glorious pair
You try, but somehow you find yourself
failing, falling in misery and an anguish
you cannot bear
Wedyan AlMadani Jul 2016
The only bond between us was the illusion of what could have been.
A lie that I kept in my heart like a prayer that I believed in.
Just a delusion of finding someone, who could have, would have, understood me beyond the touch of my skin.
But, once the smoke cleared I found myself again standing in the shadows of a hope that was never there.
Wedyan AlMadani Sep 2015
Love is that fine line
between heaven and hell,
took me to heaven
and now it keeps
dragging me down to hell.
Wedyan AlMadani May 2015
You never loved her. What you really loved is the way she made you feel, like the whole universe collapsed and nothing was left for her to live for but you. The way she made her existence revolve around you. How she made you forget the worst in you and always knew how to bring out the best in you. So don't you dare saying that you loved her, because when she left that day you didn't move an inch to get back that so-called love you were almost always bragging about.
Wedyan AlMadani Apr 2015
I have a cold heart,
and whenever I try to
find a glimpse of
warmth I end up
setting it on fire.
Wedyan AlMadani Apr 2015
The creative soul
never rests, as it
keeps longing
to create.
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